Money and Prison Might Be Imposed Without a Mask

money and imprisonment may come without wearing a mask
money and imprisonment may come without wearing a mask

An administrative fine of 3.150 TL and various prison sentences may be imposed on those who do not comply with the need to wear a mask.

It is stated that in cases where other damages arise as a result of not wearing a mask besides the administrative penalty of 19 TL for those who do not comply with the mask wearing obligations to reduce the ongoing risks in the COVID-3.150 outbreak, various prison sentences may be imposed.

In order to prevent the rapid spread of the disease, a new one has been added to the decisions and measures taken so far to protect the social distance, and everyone is required to wear masks in more than 40 cities, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

In line with the recommendation of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Health; The decisions taken by the Sanitation Board in many provinces make it compulsory for everyone who goes to the street and the open area to use a medical or cloth mask to cover their mouth and nose.

Those who do not comply with the measures determined on the basis of Article 1593 of the Public Sanitary Law No. 27 will have to pay an administrative fine of 282 TL in 2020, in accordance with Article 3.150 of the Public Sanitary Law.

The act of not wearing a mask does not constitute a crime that requires a prison sentence alone. Only in this way, the crime of causing illness and death may raise prison sentences.

Lawyer Sinan Keskin said, “If someone who knows that he is carrying a virus causes illness or death by not wearing a mask by infecting other people, he will be responsible for the crime of injury, which is regulated by the Turkish Criminal Code.

Keskin, who made a statement to the Hibya News Agency, emphasized that “Failure to comply with the decisions taken brings with it administrative and judicial sanctions, and it is essential to be sensitive about the compliance with the measures”.

Hibya News Agency

Günceleme: 25/03/2022 23:41

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