Malatya North Belt Road will be opened to traffic at the end of 2021

Malatya north road will open to traffic at the end of the year
Malatya north road will open to traffic at the end of the year

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality started the demolition of the expropriated buildings on the 725-meter Taştepe-Hanımınçiftliği line, one of the most important and difficult stages of the Northern Belt Road.

The 22.5-kilometer section of the Northern Belt Road, which is one of the strongest alternatives in terms of transportation, has been opened between the existing Ring Road and the North Ring Road, which is under construction.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, AK Party Provincial President İhsan Koca, Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary, Deputy Secretary Generals, Heads of Departments and the District muhtars together with the neighborhood muhtars, examined the area where the expropriation works on the Taştepe-Hanımınçiftliği route of the Northern Belt.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which expropriated 30 of the 725 buildings remaining in the Taştepe-Hanımınçiftliği phase of 42 meters of the Northern Belt Road, which was opened with a width of 29 meters, started the road works.

Taştepe neighborhood headman Mehmet Kılıç said, “I hope it will be auspicious for our neighborhood. I would like to thank our president and his team forever. ”

Demir: North Belt Road will add value to the bottom of the ring road

I would like to thank Mr. Ali Demir, Headman of Melekbaba District, our Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, we are currently enjoying the joy of the work done in Hanımınçiftliği Taştepe and Melekbaba triangle. Indeed, this North Belt road will add value under the ring road. On this occasion, I would like to welcome Mr. President and his team on behalf of the people of Melekbaba and the people of the region. Good luck to Malatya and our neighborhoods on the north belt road. ”

Koca: When the studies are completed, our city traffic will be comfortable.

AK Party Provincial Chairman İhsan Koca said, “Today, we are here to start another phase of the Northern Generation road works that our Malatya, especially Taştepe, Melekbaba, Hanım's farm neighborhoods eagerly await, with our Metropolitan Mayor. Demolitions of the structures on the North Belt Road will be made by making expropriations. When these studies are completed, both our urban traffic will be comfortable and a road network with a more livable standard will be achieved.

On this occasion, I would like to thank my Metropolitan Mayor and his team who started the work. I wish these works to be auspicious to our Malatya, our nurses who live on the farm of Melekbaba, Taştepemiz and Hanım. ”

Mayor Gürkan: We are making arrangements to ease the traffic of Malatya

Selahattin Gürkan, Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality; “Right after we took office, we made necessary planning and arrangements especially under the ring road and alternative roads to the existing single artery road and the relief of Malatya traffic.

In the first place, we built and opened an alternative Anatolian boulevard to Malatya, which has not been built for 44 years and is confined to a single artery. Then we started the expropriation of the southern alternative road.

The process from Yakca to Mıhlıdut part has been completed. Tree costs related to expropriation were paid and the road was opened. It will be finished and finished at the end of the year ahead.

On the one hand, the Northern Belt Road, the northern ring road, we immediately gave the necessary instructions to our friends about completion. Payments of our property owners have been initiated and are being made.

All of them walk on the basis of voluntary consent. In other words, there is no official entry and expropriation. Certainly, through bilateral relations, an expropriation work is carried out with the consent of people.

This is a 22,5 km long road. When we came to Malatya, the first problem of Malatya was transportation and traffic. Right now, it has gone down, that is, it has decreased by around 30-35 percent since the alternative route was built.

With the completion of the northern ring road, the transportation and traffic problem of Malatya will be over. At the end of 2021, we gave the necessary instructions for the completion of the south belt road as well as the north belt road.

At the end of 2021, the northern belt road will be opened to traffic, and our citizens will carry out a healthy traffic course. Good luck to our Malatya and Malatya people. I congratulate all my colleagues who contributed to this issue. ”

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