Comprehensive Cleaning on D-100 Highway

Comprehensive cleaning on the highway
Comprehensive cleaning on the highway

İBB made a comprehensive cleaning work on the D-100 by taking advantage of the two-day curfew. The route between Okmeydanı and Söğütlüçeşme was made ready for the use of Istanbul residents with the work carried out with 116 personnel. The works were accompanied by İSTAÇ General Manager Mustafa Canlı.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) evaluated barrier restrictions on 27-28 June 2020 and carried out barrier washing, mechanical and hand sweeping works on D-100 (E5) Highway.

100 personnel participated in general cleaning and barrier washing works on D-5 (E116) Highway in two days. İBB's mechanical sweeping and washing vehicles took office 36 times. The personnel who participated in the field work meticulously complied with the precautions against the coronavirus outbreak and the safety rules.


İSTAÇ General Manager Mustafa Canlı followed the cleaning and washing works on site. Stating that they evaluated the curfew for service to Istanbul residents, General Manager Canlı said:

“As you know, this route is one of the busiest highway axes in Istanbul. On this route, traffic is always busy. Taking advantage of the emptying of the roads, we have done a thorough cleaning here. Together with the other works we have done, we have made our city ready for Istanbul residents who will go to work on Monday. ”


On the other hand, during the two-day curfew restriction, public use such as main roads, squares, Marmaray and metro entrances, overpasses - underpasses, bus platforms / stops, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir Halls and various public institutions and organizations, especially hospitals. mechanical washing, sweeping and hand sweeping work was carried out in the fields.

A total of 809 personnel participated in these studies. The vehicles took office 496 times. In two days, one million 144 thousand square meters was washed, corresponding to a total of 31 football fields; An area the size of one thousand 628 football fields was cleaned by sweeping with mechanical tools.

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