Eskisehir Economy on the Road

Eskisehir economy is on the way
Eskisehir economy is on the way

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), the provisional foreign trade figures for May, released by assessing President Earring, despite the continued decline in export figures of Eskisehir, Turkey said they were in good position than in the general. Küpeli stated that the reason for the decline in exports was due to the stagnation in the EU countries, which are heavily exported.

Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) President rare Earring, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) and May provisional foreign trade figures as well as a newly established company numbers released by the assessed some economic indicators. Pointing out that the decline in Eskişehir's exports in May continues, Küpeli stated that the main factor in this was due to the stagnation in the European Union market due to the epidemic. In addition to the ongoing problems in the US market, President Küpeli also stated that the contraction in the global aviation industry also affected exports negatively.

Export figures for May

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Referring to the May foreign trade data released by the Eskişehir Earring, indicating the export figures of Turkey is better than the general, "as Turkey in May, our exports so 40,9'luk a decline was 9 billion 964 million dollars. Our exports in the last 12 months decreased by 8,4 percent to 165 billion 732 million dollars. Eskişehir's exports, which were 2019 million dollars in January and May 462, amounted to 2020 million dollars in the same period of 22 with a decrease of 361 percent. Although we did not desire in the 5-month period, our exports decreased by $ 101 million. Our monthly exports, which were 89 million dollars in March, decreased to 49 million dollars in April and 47 million dollars in May. Despite this, exports from Eskisehir in Turkey in general we can say that we are in a better situation, "he said.

We expect our export markets to improve

"We expect the situation in the markets we export to return to normal," said President Küpeli. . We expect the situation in our export markets to return to normal as soon as possible. In this period, Eskişehir industry does not stop, we continue production and investment. However, due to the problems experienced in logistics and customs of the country we export, we have a troubled period in exports. Hopefully, in this period, we believe that the situation will improve starting with the summer with the new normal ”.

Number of companies established and closed

Eskişehir OIZ President Nadir Küpeli also evaluated the number of companies opened and closed in Eskişehir, which are important indicators of the economy, and data on protested bills. Expressing that there has been a slight decrease in the number of companies opened in Eskişehir compared to 2019, President Küpeli said, “During the January-April period of 2019, 186 capital companies and 135 real person companies were established in our city; In the same period of 2020, 177 new capital companies and 150 natural persons companies have been established with a slight decline. When we look at the number of companies closed, in January-April 2019, 179 natural persons and 47 capital companies were closed; In 2020, 36 capital companies and 194 real person companies were closed in the same period. We see that our entrepreneurs from Eskişehir are less affected by this process, and the fact that many companies continue to be established despite difficult conditions gives us hope for the future. Likewise, it is pleasing that the number of companies that closed down is low. ” President Küpeli also stated that 2020 new firms with foreign capital were established in the first 4 months of 11 in Eskişehir, one of which was joint stock company and the other 10 were limited companies.

The decline in the amount of protested bills is pleasing

President Küpeli also mentioned the developments in the number of protested bills in the last part of his statement: “In January-April 2019, the number of protested bills was 2 thousand 509, while the amount of bills was 73 million 874 thousand TL; In the same period of 2020, the number of protested bills has decreased to 880 thousand and the amount of bills has decreased to 36 million 455 thousand TL. The decrease in the amount of protested bills is a pleasing development for the health care of trade and markets, even though we had a difficult period. ”

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