The button is pressed for the 150-kilometer bicycle path project in Gaziantep

button was pressed for the kilometer cycle road project in gaziantep
button was pressed for the kilometer cycle road project in gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and his team made examinations on the field for the 25-kilometer line, the project of which was ready to strengthen the 150-kilometer bike path in the city and to expand the use of bicycles.

Acting with the understanding of “Sports Friendly City” with the World Health Organization's emphasis on the importance of bicycle transportation in the new normal process, the Metropolitan Municipality has stepped in to expand the 25-kilometer bike path already in use in the city. Accordingly, President Fatma Şahin consulted with her team on the field, and examined the connection roads in the city for the bicycle route, which will cover 150 kilometers, which is planned to be built in the first phase of the 27-kilometer project.

The revival of healthy living standards after the pandemic revealed the necessity of sports once again. Thus, the importance of the 25-kilometer bike path, which was implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality before the epidemic, was once again remembered. In the new normal process, the interest in cycling has become a popular means of transportation worldwide. In the past year, approximately 40 thousand people used the bicycle road in Gaziantep. With the widespread use of bicycle roads in the city, as a means of transportation, bicycles are expected to rank among the preferred vehicles in Gazi city.

Günceleme: 28/06/2020 12:47

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