Railway Station Road Opened to Public Service in Balıkesir

Balikesir bus station opened to public service
Balikesir bus station opened to public service

Metropolitan Municipality, which produces solutions that will make transportation safer and more comfortable in Balıkesir, opened by completing its works on the Gar road. Speaking at the opening, Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz stated that this road is actually the axis of a big project and that it is the main route of a bicycle road that will continue to Değirmen Strait and cotton fabric and City Hospital.

Continuing to serve the city by producing a people-oriented city design, sustainable and alternative solutions, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the Gar road, which was started in February, and opened it to the public. Within the scope of the project realized with municipal opportunities at a low cost with the cooperation between institutions; In the road project carried out on an area of ​​10 thousand 790 square meters, 6 thousand 99 square meters of green space was created. 250 trees, 5 flowers and 490 different plant species were used in this area. The opening of the 2-meter-wide double-way road, which is located just behind the State Railways connecting Cengiz Topel Avenue and the Mustafa Tepmeci Square in Gümüşçeşme District, was opened with the prayers of the Provincial Mufti Ramazan Topcan.


The opening speech that performs the President Yucel Yilmaz, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's all sides; Stating that he is equipped with train tracks, tube crossings, bridges and asphalt, he said: “We, as local administrators, are at Balıkesir; Together with our mayors of Altıeylül and Karesi, we are trying to create solutions that facilitate the lives of our people. From the moment we were elected as the mayor, we have sat down, we have been striving to make our citizens' lives easier and fulfill their expectations from us. We made our consultations and firstly planned and implemented simple and practical solutions to reduce traffic density with our Karesi and Altıeylül mayors in Vasıf Çınar Street, which is part of both Altieylul and Karesi. ”


Expressing that the road constructed here is actually the transition axis of a major project, Mayor Yılmaz said, “The bike path here is the main route of a cycle path that will continue to Değirmen Strait from this side to cotton weaving and City Hospital. To the service of our city in buildings previously used for locomotive and storage purposes; In a short time it will be transformed into centers to be used for culture, art and other events. We are not in a hurry because we presented our projects, we are waiting to receive grants from our Ministries to cover all their costs. While we, the three mayors, are struggling to meet the deficiencies in the center of Balıkesir, our deputies follow the demands of our city in the Ministries. Hopefully, the road we are on serves all our nation without any trouble and trouble. After that, we do very nice events in this region. ” he spoke.


AK Party Balıkesir Deputy Adil Çelik said that many unobstructed obstacles can be overcome with unity and solidarity. “This new period is very valuable for me. Balıkesir, along with our deputies, metropolitan and district heads, all our bureaucracy, especially our governor, our organization and our university, has made great strides towards becoming a whole. I think it is essential for all dynamics in the city to act together to achieve the same goal. When we look in this sense, Balıkesir caught this environment. For this, I would like to thank our Governor, Metropolitan Mayor, district mayors and our mayor. Our city will be a number 10 province as it deserves. ” spoke in the form.


Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality serves with the motto 'road is civilization', Balıkesir; Stating that he continues to work to make a more livable, more civilized and preferable city, Governor Ersin Yazıcı said, “We are witnessing the opening of an alternative road that will bring us to our hospital from this side of the railway, which will provide great convenience to the city center. Our Metropolitan Municipality continues to make roads, infrastructure, and beautify the city. I have been witnessing this for 4 years. As stated by our Vice Chairman of Adil Çelik, we are able to act in unity with all our dynamics, especially our municipalities, our Metropolitan Municipality and our deputies. The abundance that will be born with this union and togetherness will benefit the whole city. I would like to thank all the municipal employees, who made this thinking, especially our Yücel Mayor, to the decision makers in your presence, and respect you all. ” said.


After the opening, he made a test drive on the road by the provincial protocol. Besides the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, Yücel Yılmaz; Balıkesir Governor Ersin Yazıcı, Deputies of Balıkesir; Adil Çelik, Belgin Uygur and Mutlu Aydemir, Altıeylül Mayor Hasan Avcı, Karesi Mayor Dinçer Orkan, Dursunbey Mayor Ramazan Bahçavan, Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Mustafa Küçükkaptan, AK Party Provincial Mayor Ekrem Başaran, and headmen of the city center and citizens attended.

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