Another Case Against Misra Öz Sel, Who Lost Her Son in Çorlu Train Accident

misra oz selele lost another son in the corlu train crash
misra oz selele lost another son in the corlu train crash

In the train accident in Çorlu, another lawsuit was filed against the public official for his duty due to his words to the mother Mısra Öz Sel, who lost her son Oğuz Arda Sel, to the court committee.

In the news in Artı Gercek; 25 people died and hundreds of people were injured in the train accident in Çorlu District of Tekirdağ. One of the people who lost his life was Oğuz Arda Sel. A new lawsuit was filed against the mother Mısra Öz Sel, who had been struggling for justice for a long time for her son Arda Sel.


According to the information contained in the indictment prepared by Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office about Misra Öz Sel, there is a court delegation that ignored the irregularities made while seeking justice. There are judges in the courts of justice that give the questions to be asked to the witnesses who should be defendants. And a delegation that chose to play 12 monkeys, although we reported today. The clowns of the palace 'and' I was embarrassed by the seat they were sitting on 'under the rails' today in the hands of three monkeys who did not dare to even look at our justice power. It is claimed that he commits the crime of “insulting the public official for his duty” because of the words “Let them live with this shame”.

In the indictment, three judges were involved in the Çorlu train accident case.

The prosecution sent the indictment against Anne Sel to the Criminal Court of First Instance.


Seven people, including the mother Mısa Öz Sel, who had carried out the act of “Justice Watch” in the Constitutional Court together with the victim families and their lawyers in Ankara last year, were filed for the first hearing.

Speaking to Artı Gercek, Mısra Öz Sel said:

“After the lawsuit filed in Ankara, another lawsuit was filed against me. I am currently a defendant in 2 cases. Am I supposed to be the accused? Of course I am behind the words I said. Can't we criticize anyone in this country? Will we shut up for what happened? In the last hearing of the Çorlu case, we conveyed our requests to the delegation, we explained the things that were done improperly, they did not consider neither us nor our lawyers. 25 people died. 1.5 years have passed, this case is still shaking. Of course, it is not easy, but we do not see anything that is carried out seriously. Then we sue us for criticizing. Is it too heavy my words? So how can they treat their children if they put their children in the face of this injustice? This is a shame in the name of law and a lack of conscience in the name of humanity. I will continue to explain what happened. Since they cannot bring my child back, let them judge the real ones. We don't want anything else. ”

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