Heavy wind train rolled down the bridge

The heavy wind train rolled down the bridge: in the state of Louisiana in the United States, the wagons of a moving Union Pacific train moved down the Huey P. Long Bridge crossing the Mississippi River due to bad weather and strong winds. There were no people killed or injured in the accident that occurred on the bridge, which is also open to vehicle traffic. 10 shipping container damaged after the accident, the container in the container is not sensitive to any public health or radioactive said any load. According to the records of security units, the train crash occurred in the state of Jefferson Parish, in the morning, in the waters of 10. It was learned that the train only traveled 6 kilometers after takeoff. Jabari Thomas, a television reporter at the nearby Raising Cane's restaurant during the event, recorded the fall of containers with his camera. The wagons still on the rails will be taken back by the engineers after their damage has been detected.

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