EGO Buses Protect Your Social Distance Are Placed

ego buses to protect your social distance have been placed
ego buses to protect your social distance have been placed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to raise awareness by taking new measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak. AŞTİ warned the Capitals with the “keep your distance” stickers hanged on public transportation vehicles and distributed to the markets, especially in the municipal service buildings, markets and elevators. .

Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement many measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the Capital.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which takes cautionary measures to raise the awareness of the capital city, is also working diligently to protect the social distance. AŞTİ has applied “keep your distance to the municipal service buildings, markets, elevators and public transportation vehicles,” the Metropolitan Municipality has now placed “keep your distance for health, leave the seat empty” stickers on the seats of EGO buses.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has launched a new application to raise awareness among citizens, has increased its measures to protect the social distance after the obligation to wear masks in public transportation vehicles.

EGO General Directorate prepared stickers that said “Keep your distance for your health, leave the seat empty” and adhered them to the seats of the buses. Emin Gökhan İlhan, Head of the Center Workshop of the EGO Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department, pointed out that protecting the public health is a priority and said, “We are implementing this application in our bus, 470 EGO, in order to create sensitivity in the public, in order to implement social distance in public transportation vehicles.

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