Minister Koca: 'We Support All Our Units Working on Vaccination'

We support all our units working on the big rebel minister.
We support all our units working on the big rebel minister.

In statements after the coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting of the Minister of Health Fahrettin husband speech, specifying precise statements can not be used on the stages of an epidemic, "we have received so far, some results of Turkey's outbreak is a sign that exceeds the minimum loss possible. I will choose words that are much stronger than hope, if everyone can apply the measures one hundred percent with the same seriousness. "Let's obey the rules without exception, let's obey much more tightly, focus on the result."

“There is no country that applies the method of filing as we do”

Pointing out that the number of cases has increased all over the world, Koca said that if there is a similarity in the methods, each country gives its own struggle under its own conditions. Noting that the number of cases and data are the subject of controversy in many countries, Koca said:

“The disease reached the highest number of cases in the 11th week in the USA, the 9th week in Spain, the 8th week in Italy, the 10th week in Germany and France, the 7th week in China, and one week. In Turkey a week to reach the maximum number of cases of the disease occurred within 4 weeks. So, now the 4th week growth rate of decline in cases in Turkey. "

Minister Koca stated that in order to express this more clearly, the spreading power of the virus should be remembered, he continued as follows: “We have started to control the spreading rate of the virus against the spreading power under the current conditions. You heard a lot of the word filment in this process. Fillation, as you know, is the name of the process of screening the chain of contact related to an infectious disease. We ensured that the rate of increase of the cases started to decrease early with this fillation. No other country has yet applied the radiation method as we do. ”

Underlining that he wants to demonstrate this performance with seriousness, Koca said, “We have identified 261 thousand 989 people in the contact chain of patients diagnosed to date. We reached 95,8 percent of them. The total number of people followed by our radiation teams is 251 thousand 28. Each confirmed case has an average of 4,5 contacts. It was followed by reaching approximately 96 percent of them ”.

Koca, who wants to know that the fight against coronavirus is carried out by very well-organized and highly qualified specialists, said, “Know that our health army, consisting of more than 1 million 100 thousand professionals, is at work at all times, in accordance with every devotion. Remember, for a moment, do not compromise on the responsibilities that all this effort imposes on you. ”

Ministers husband, "according to Turkey Daily Table of current data coronavirus said:" Our today's test number 33 was 70 thousand. In the number of tests, we exceeded our target of 30 thousand this week. In the last 24 hours, positive test results, we have 4 cases. Thus, the total number of our cases reached 62. Together with the 65 people who died today, our number of losses reached 111. Our 107 patients have also recovered. ”

“We support all our units working on vaccination”

Referring to the vaccination studies, Minister Koca said, “Our friends at the Science Committee do not think that there will be available vaccine before the next 4-6 months. Turkey is in this sense an intensive study. As the Ministry, we support all our units, including TÜBİTAK and universities. They have isolated three central viruses, and future studies will continue rapidly. ”

“We supplied the drug without incident”

Turkey, the drug used in the treatment of cases of coronavirus has supplied without being seen, explaining that her husband and widespread use that apply to patients free of charge, that there is a second country in the world which in this case was noticed.

Her husband, however, that the pursuit of this drug in the world is Turkey's approximately 1 million boxes to the nearest drug stores, drug brought from China also stressed that the intensive use of another country such as Turkey.

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