IETT Drivers With Fever Does Not Pass Steering

iett sofors with fever do not get on the steering wheel
iett sofors with fever do not get on the steering wheel

📩 19/03/2020 10:56

IMM has implemented a new measure in the fight against coronavirus. IETT drivers started the application of measuring their fire before getting behind the wheel and after completing their duties. Accordingly, drivers with high fever are directed to health institutions. In addition, actions were taken to place driver's cabs in vehicles to protect drivers and passengers and prevent close contact.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has added a new one to the importance it has taken against coronavirus. IETT started the application of measuring the temperature of the drivers after starting and completing their duty. Drivers who are found to have high fever are not assigned. The driver is directed to the health institution. In IETT, the fight against the coronavirus epidemic has spread to a wider area with the practice implemented at 16 different points where the drivers work. With the application, it was aimed to prevent a driver-induced contamination to passengers in the bus.

On the other hand, work has been started to prevent the disease from passing to drivers from passengers. In order to prevent close contact of the drivers with the citizens and to protect the health of both the passenger and the driver, action was taken to put the temporary driver's cabin application into practice as soon as possible. It was aimed to cut the contact with the passengers at the highest level by covering the driver's cabin with transparent plastic material. Thus, IETT drivers will be enabled to focus on their duties with peace of mind without worrying about getting sick from passengers. Cabs will not block the interior camera view angle, rearview mirror and side mirror views; It is designed to provide the highest level of accessibility to the electronic equipment used. The cabins will be completed as soon as possible and will be implemented in the entire IETT fleet.

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