İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Opened Medical Waste Plant

Izmir Buyuksehir municipality opened medical waste facility
Izmir Buyuksehir municipality opened medical waste facility

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put into use a full capacity sterilization facility for increasing use of masks, gloves and other medical waste. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who made the symbolic opening of the facility, said: “Masks and gloves used today are converted into medical waste all over Izmir. The facility also produces an extremely radical solution for these. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has opened a Medical Waste Sterilization Facility in Menemen with the build-operate-transfer model in these days when the use of masks and gloves has increased to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Metropolitan Mayor Deputy Mustafa Özuslu, General Secretary Dr. Buğra Gökçe, Mayor of Menemen Serdar Aksoy and Chairman of the Board of Contractor Miroğlu Çevre A.Ş. Ramazan Avcı attended. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, all in the ceremony broadcast live on the digital platform Tunç Soyer, Turkey's largest and most modern in the world, one of the sample said they were proud to open this facility.

Soyer said, "Actually, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the first day of the pioneers in Turkey since the outbreak began, I would like to say firstly that there is a chance of taking the steps forward. Because one of the first things we did as the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was to establish the Department of Community Health. Because we thought we should be prepared for what to do in the face of disasters and crises. Today, we have seen how great it is to have done this. ”

“Producing Radical Solution”

Reminding that the foundation of the facility has been laid previously, Tunç Soyer said, “I would like to say that it is acted with a vision and vision. Dozens of health institutions produce about 20 tons of medical waste per day in Izmir. When these medical wastes are not sterilized, in cases such as the outbreak we are dealing with today, these medical wastes become the source of those outbreaks. That is why the opening today is very valuable. I would like to thank our investor for realizing this facility with the build-operate-transfer model for achieving such a success in these difficult days. ” Stating that the masks and gloves used today all over Izmir have turned into a medical waste, Soyer pointed out that the facility produces an extremely radical solution for them.

Stating that they have placed sterile buckets in front of all the pharmacies and near the hospitals in Izmir, Soyer said: “Therefore, we want you to throw these gloves and masks you use into these buckets, not on the floor. Thus, we will have destroyed one of the growth focus of the epidemic in İzmir and dried that swamp. So it is extremely exciting. The opening coincides with today's Izmir and Turkey is very lucky. Turkey will be a model here, we are talking about a plant that will be an example. Here the application to the whole of Turkey, to be inspiration to all mayors in the country, we are ready to explain the accumulation of experience and we live here. We are ready to provide all kinds of support for the establishment of such facilities in those cities. Because there is a great need for this, because medical wastes are the most common source of the epidemic we live in today. If you cannot properly sterilize them, if you do not separate them properly, you will support their spread from other wastes. ”

Gloves and Mask Call for Izmirites

Soyer also called on the citizens for the gloves and masks they used, and said: “We kindly request all the people of Izmir to throw these into the trash cans. These may have eventually become a tool to spread disease. We kindly request that these be collected separately, and if medical waste bins cannot be reached, they must be converted into waste bags in sealed bags. "

Mayor of Menemen Serdar Aksoy stated that the establishment of such a modern facility in the district pleases them. Investor Ramazan Avcı also said that the facility is above European standards.

Day 20 Tons Medical Waste Will Be Processed

Approximately 20 tons of medical waste will be processed daily at the Medical Waste Sterilization Plant. There are 1 thousand 64 health institutions and establishments in İzmir, 27 large hospitals and 2 dialysis centers producing more than 59 ton of medical waste per month. 20 tons of medical waste from these institutions are collected by licensed vehicles by collecting them in an accident with the bucket system, in line with occupational health and safety legislation. The bucket collection and transport system minimizes contact with medical waste. Medical wastes received by weighing and radiation measurements in health institutions are recorded with the online mobile waste tracking system, which is controlled by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Protecting Natural Water Assets

Every activity at the facility, including feeding-unloading, inter-unit transportation, washing, disinfection and sterilization, has been designed with a modern and environmentalist perspective, according to the principle of sustainability. Energy recovery between the steam generator and the sterilizers kazanIM system was also installed. Thus, the protection of natural water assets was ensured through equipment that increased the recycle rate of condensed water. The wastes sterilized at the facility are then sent to the Harmandalı Solid Waste Storage Facility.

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