Green Belt Application in Buses in Eskişehir

Green band application on buses in Eskisehir
Green band application on buses in Eskisehir

Increasing the measures in public transport within the scope of the Corona Virus Combat Action Plan, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality warns citizens about social distance in buses as well as in trams. Stating that the number of passengers on buses decreased by 90% thanks to the sensitive Eskişehir residents who complied with the 'Stay At Home' calls, the authorities warned once again that they should not leave the house unless they have to.

before the virus is detected in the corona in Turkey Korona, which makes ready the Action Plan to Combat Virus and one month applying process plan with determination Metropolitan Municipality, it continues to take new measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Stating that the necessary warnings for social distance were placed on buses after the trams and the citizens were paying more attention to social distance for 15 days, the Metropolitan Municipality officials said, “Our passengers decreased by 90% thanks to our sensitive citizens who adhere to our Stay at Home calls. However, we still have citizens who have to go to work. Therefore, we started to apply green tape to draw attention to social distance in our vehicles. We placed green bands on half of our seats to protect the social distance and we warn our passengers on the bus. We also warned citizens to stay at home, saying that we use hand disinfectants at the entrance of all our vehicles. ”

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