Raybus Test Drives Between Gaziantep Nizip Started

Raybus test drives between Gaziantep faction started
Raybus test drives between Gaziantep faction started

Gaziantep and will use the existing 49-kilometer line between the Republic of Turkey Nizip Raybüs State Railways started testing their driving.

Raybüs, who came to Nizip district from Gaziantep on the existing line and completed the test drive successfully, was met by cutting the victim when he arrived at Nizip Station. Speaking to the people here, Nizip Deputy Mayor Salih Uygur expressed that the test drives will continue for 20 days and then 49 kilometers and even daily Raybüs services will start and thanked those who contributed.

When daily Raybüs services begin, the road time between Gaziantep and Nizip will decrease to 1 hour, but this period is planned to be reduced after the technical studies to be carried out. A comfortable and safe travel opportunity will be provided to students studying in Gaziantep with Raybus and citizens traveling to Gaziantep for work.

Raybüs will carry out public transportation in the area up to Nizip Station and TCDD Station in Gaziantep Station Square.

Gaziantep Nizip Raybüs Map

Gaziantep Nizip Raybus Map

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