TCDD Employees Detained in Ankara YHT Accident Trial Listed Negligence

ankara yht accused accused of negligence
ankara yht accused accused of negligence

At the hearing, the prisoners on trial, railway workers, especially in the signal heating of the rail heating system from the lack of training listed the omissions.

UniversalAccording to the news; “Despite the lack of a signaling system, the defendants appeared for the first time in the trial of the disaster that occurred a year ago on the High Speed ​​Train line opened before the June 24th elections. The railway workers, who are on trial as detainees, listed the negligence from the failure of the rail heating system, especially the signaling, to the lack of training and the absence of a flag in the hut. The leaders of the government and TCDD who opened the incomplete line for the political show were not tried.

A year ago in Ankara, a high-speed train collided with a guide train and 9 people died, 86 people were injured in the trial of the disaster began. At the hearing held at the Ankara 30th High Criminal Court, 15 defendants, 3 of whom were imprisoned for isten causing the death and injury of more than one person isten, were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Relatives of those who lost their lives in Faicada, injured and the United Transport Union executives filled the courtroom.

Prisoner suspects train organization officer Osman Yildirim, motion officer Sinan Yavuz, traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey and the arresting defendants YHT Ankara Station Deputy Director Kadir Oguz, Deputy Director of Traffic Service Ergun Tuna, YHT Traffic Service Manager Unal Sayiner, YHT Ankara Director Duran Yaman, Branch Manager Recep Kutlay, TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department Mükerrem Aydoğdu, TCDD Safety and Quality Management Department Head Erol Tuna Aşkın, appeared before the judge for the first time.

Train Organization Officer Osman Yildirim, accused of causing the accident to occur because he forgot to change the scissors that allow trains to enter different tracks, said, Yıldırım I thought I did, but I didn't. It was an accident because the train that had to go on Line 2 went from Line 1 ”.


Lightning indicating that the scissors are frozen because the heating system does not work on the scissors, M74 said that the scissors did not work and that it was never shown to him. Not to work at night after 23.00:4 to transfer Yildirim, said that the weather is cold, working alone, and the failure to give him education, said: “I did not know that I will work only that day. Around 5-12 o'clock, Eryaman'dan radios on the scissors frost warning was coming. I was trying to build the 13th route on the order of the operations officer. He had ice and the scissors were frozen. There is heating system on the shears but it did not work. I had trouble making scissors. The officer said there was a train on the 11th. I dealt with it and I did it. This time I went to make the 4th-way scissors that crashed. My hands and feet were frozen. I've been cold since 5-11. I didn't shear it. I went into the cabin. I did the XNUMX's scissors. The train passed in front of me but I wasn't able to see which line it was. Then the accident occurred and I went into shock. ”


Yildirim, who answered his lawyer Mehmet Eker's questions, said that the hut was not in a place where he could see the M74 scissors, and that there were no red and green flags used for warning in the hut, teknik he said. When the complainants' lawyers asked the control system for the proper replacement of the scissors, Yildirim stressed that the electronic warning system is not signaling, though the accident would not occur if the signaling system.

Sinan Yavuz, a motion officer in custody, said he was tasked with dispatching the train. Yavuz explained that he sent the train as the first job on the day of the accident and said, “Then I waited for a guarantee from Osman Yıldırım. After a while, Yildirim called me and told me that there was no sound of locking on the M90 ​​scissors. I told him to slow down on the train coming. I called Yildirim on the technical phone while the train entered. Scissors said that ice is stuck and there are no problems because it cleans it. ”


Then Yavuz indicating that the guide train was reported to come to Eryaman, followed the approval of the system and call the traffic control after calling the engineer said that the 06.30 train sent. Yavuz indicating that there is no chance to notice the signal system, so it is not possible to follow, to know which line is going, he said.

Emin Ercan Erbay, the arrested accused traffic controller, explained that it is not possible to see the position of the scissors from his seat: “The signalization system ends in Sincan. I don't have a system that shows the direction of the trains on the dashboard. If there were, none of us would be here today. ”

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