BTS: Yüzde 20 Percentage of Railways is Safe “

BTS railroads 20si full safe
BTS railroads 20si full safe

The Minister of Transport argued that YHT became faster and more secure, but BTS Chairman Hasan Bektaş stated that the figures were not realistic.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, in Ankara after the death of a person died in a train question 9 answered the question, "YHT transport has become safe and fast," he said. BTS responding to Ministers Chairman Hasan Bektaş said that the full safety of the railways xnumx's percent in Turkey.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the country's railways and railways in the 2023 strategy, the response to the question of the proposal, YHT transport has become safe and fast, he argued. Minister Turhan, 30 On October October Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Deputy Aggravated Abdullah Koç by the proposal of the proposal of the high-speed train (YHT) to the Ankara-Konya route as a result of the collision with the locomotive 9 died and 92 people were injured after the accident. Turhan, since year 2003 538 kilometers in Turkey and that the additional conventional lines into operation 1213 kilometers of high-speed rail line in the country's railway network length was sharing the 12 710 thousand kilometers rising with information. Turkey's train speeds, Turhan said that the line capacity and capability of increasing passenger and freight transport of more comfortable, safe and arguing that it has become a fast, said the increase in the share of railways in transportation.


United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Chairman Hasan Bektas, the Minister's description of YHT transport is becoming more secure, the current railroads of the 20 is fully safe, it is a study, but the work is gone, he said. Bektaş said, bir In the past, these lines were not insecure, but as the projects were completed before, the business management became more insecure. Safe lines are used but not enough or. Bektas said that the figures shared by the minister are confusing and said, rakam The Minister is given wrong information. "Signalization is indispensable, such as the confusing sentences," he said. Bektas in Turkey, indicating that a high-speed train moves, the high-speed train is currently only between Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya-Ankara, noted that conventional lines in other places. Bektaş said, tren Roads from conventional lines are used in many places, and high-speed train works are still not completed between Eskişehir and İstanbul. It's not realistic in this respect. 2023 year over the 10 target given by the minister, Bakan he said.


The needs of railways in Turkey, emphasizing that it is primarily the regeneration of the conventional line Bektaş said, "but the fastest train in the forefront of Railways in the Aegean, dumped lines in Eastern Anatolia and other places. We're not against the fast train, of course, but first, these lines should be renewed. Hızlı 2013 noted that the lack of personnel with the privatization law on railways started to be experienced. Bektas stated that this was a share of the accidents and that this area opened to the private sector should be expropriated. Bektaş said, “If something is to be done for the benefit of this country, political pressure will be drawn from this institution. This institution is not an institution to be governed by political pressure, the law of privatization will be drawn, and the requirements of the age will be achieved by such a management. Bu


Bektas, drawing attention to the inadequacy of rail freight in the xnumx's percent of all freight carried in Turkey drew attention to the road. Bektas, "Turkey is unfortunately not utilized in railway transport, it is weak across the board. Railways are very important in terms of transporting more loads with less energy. This situation needs to be changed in freight transportation. Yük Bektaş emphasized that the budget allocated to railroads is not enough, but said that the share is not realistic and inflated figures. Universal)


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