Is the Project Ready for the Transport of the Adapazarı Train Station?

Is the project ready for the transportation of the adapazari train station
Is the project ready for the transportation of the adapazari train station

It was claimed that Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality prepared a project to move the Adapazarı Train Station to Kent Park.

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce announced that they wanted to move the Adapazarı Train Station into Kent Park at the press conference attended by AKP Deputy Chairman Ali İhsa Yavuz and Sakarya deputies.

At this meeting, Yüce stated that they are thinking of moving the existing Adapazarı Train Station for the station building of the light rail system, saying, “There is 1 meters between 250 passage and the station. There is a station you know in front of the Zoning Department. 2. Let's build a station up to the section up to the gate of the ground. Let's recreate between the station and the 1st crossing. If necessary, let's make that escalator. We get rid of the level crossing. In this regard, we did not put the city's opinions into the project together. We are not in the project, we are at the thinking stage ”.

After the statements of Yüce, "Will the station be moved?" the question was raised and made a lot of noise. After this statement made by the Supreme, about 10 days ago I candidates The editor reached the images prepared about the project.

The project, which was prepared under the name of "Landscape Arrangement Between Station and Firefighting Junction", was claimed to be within the framework of the project of moving the station. There are walkways, recreation areas and parks in the project drawings, which will obviously ease the traffic load and provide a long green area line in the city center.

According to the information received, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to restore the existing station building and bring it to the city in a more useful way.

The project, which was prepared in parallel with Yüce's request that the new station they want to be located in, will be built on 610 acres of land on which the rails will be lifted. The fact that the landscape arrangement covers an area of ​​610 acres and that the pavement area on the right and left sides of the railway is much higher strengthens the possibility that the project will be implemented in the area where the rails will be lifted.

The project, which includes landscape, structural landscape, architectural solutions, aims to create a city foyer, cafeteria, bicycle and walking paths, children's playgrounds and green spaces.

It is not known whether the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been prepared with a comprehensive project on the transportation of the station, will carry out this migration process even if the Light Rail System is being implemented or if the system is not implemented.

In other words, the question of whether the project of moving the Train Station, which is allegedly prepared, will take place whether or not the light rail system comes to life, is waiting to be answered.

The Light Rail System, which is yet to be determined, but which Yüce insists on, will work on the route of Bus Station, Bus Station, SATSO, Etbalık, Sakar Baba Street, Bosna Street, Train Station, Jerusalem Street, Imam Hatip School, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Street, Serdivan, SAU Esentepe Campus. . The Light Rail System, which Ekrem Yüce explained what they wanted to implement with Build-Operate-Transfer and Credit options, is considered as one of the most important vision projects of Yüce. (I candidates)



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