Sakaryalılar Does Not Want Nostalgic Tram

saccharians do not want nostalgic tram
saccharians do not want nostalgic tram

The survey of Sakarya Yenihaber Newspaper for the nostalgic tram project has ended. Citizen voted for the project in this direction…

At the meeting of Sakarya Metropolitan City Council last Monday, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce announced that they will conduct a survey for the nostalgic tram project.

After this announcement, as, he started a survey study at 17.00 the same day.
"What do you think about the Nostalgic Tram Project?" In the questionnaire that asked the question, it had to be done, there is no need to do it and I have no idea.

The one-week survey ended at 17.00.

72.3 percent of the respondents did not need to be done, and 25.6 percent of them chose to be done. A 2.1 percent section said, "I have no idea."

Many comments were made on the subject in the comment section of the survey.

sakarya nostalgic tram survey result
sakarya nostalgic tram survey result

Günceleme: 21/01/2020 11:55

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