300 Thousand Tons of Freight Moved to Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway Line

btk railroad line so far transported a thousand tons of freight
btk railroad line so far transported a thousand tons of freight

The “4. General Director of TCDD Transportation Inc. Kamuran Yazıcı who gave a speech on “Transportation and Logistics” within the scope of International Silk Road Businessmen Summit gave information about the activities of the organization and BTK railway line.

This will contribute to the trade between friendly and brother countries, even to this day, approximately 300 thousand tons of cargo transported printer, this figure 3 million tons in the medium term, 6,5 million tons in the long term is targeted to increase.

Turkey, Azerbaijan and the north-south corridor created by the collaboration between Russia, Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan-Georgia describing the route from reaching Turkey printer, this route does not exceed the Caspian Sea, reported that enables continuous rail transport with Russia.

"BTK transport are rising out of the Russia-Turkey"

Mersin and Russia transported fresh vegetables and fruits in refrigerated containers, so far 123 thousand 6 tons of goods transported by 128 wagons, 6 day transport at a time, which started with a train every week, continued to be carried out by moving a train every day.

Director General of the words continued as follows: "1 million tonnes in the short term by using this corridor between Russia and Turkey, in the medium term 3 to 5 million tons of freight transport is planned. Furthermore, iron ore transportation from Erzincan to Tbilisi is carried out by wagons of Georgian railways by using BTK railway line. 23 July 2019 has transported thousands of 10 tons of cargo to date. Since January 256 China - scheduled cargo container block trains are operated in Turkey. Once a week made block trains, following the China-Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan-Georgia route come to Turkey. "

“First transit train, 11 thousand 500 km distance between Sino-Eastern Europe completed 18 day”

Yazıcı pointed out that the first transit freight train departing from the center of China, Xi'an, was the first in the history of railways and reached Europe by crossing the Caspian Sea-BTK railway line and Marmaray and said, dan From the 42 container-loaded wagon carrying electronic components; The 850 meter-long train, consisting of the 11 thousand 500 kilometers between China and Czechia, has covered 18 a day. ”

“Ahılkelek - Kars second line will be built as wide line”

Printer, BTK railway line will move forward on the construction of freight forwarding Kars Logistics Center project has been achieved in the 70 percent progress, the capacity of the BTK railway line will reach 6 million 500 thousand tons, he said.

The printer noted: “The second line between Ahılkelek and Kars is planned to be constructed as 1520 mm wide line. rail opening in Turkey, and Russia is the first 1435 mm old railway administrations of the CIS countries 1520 mm wheelbase wagon with a wheel set without changing able to come directly to Kars Logistics Center. Apart from these, the container agency agreement signed with the Kazakhstan railway company KTZ Express is carried out by TCDD Transportation. September- November period of 155 Kazakh container units were allocated to the transport issue between Turkey and Kazakhstan. "

Customs clearance at railway border gates

Marmaray via Turkey, 3. Bosphorus Bridge, BTK railway line between the two continents that provide continuous railway crossing Yazıcı, 1213 kilometer high-speed rail line in our country, 11 thousand 590 kilometers of conventional lines in total 12 thousand 803 kilometers of railway network, station and station with 784 station passenger and logistics operations are being carried out '' Railway border gates 60 container customs procedures completed in about 1015 minutes were completed, waiting at the border gates were eliminated.

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