Topkapı Palace's Walled Walls Under Risk

The walls of the Topkapi Palace are at risk: the cracks in the walls, the pit in the garden and the situation of the historic Topkapi Palace are of concern. Experts in a possible earthquake, especially the palace of Marmaray facing the view that the walls are at risk
The formation of a large pit in the courtyard of the Topkapı Palace, whose durability has become controversial with the deep cracks formed in the Fatih Pavilion, caused uneasiness. While the 3 pit formed in the green area in front of the Palace's Justice Tower was surrounded by a security strip, tourists were not allowed to enter the area. A team of experts around the hole yesterday found the examinations.
Topkapi Palace Survey, Restitution, Restoration projects, member of the advisory committee. Dr. Kemal Kutgün Eyüpgiller, Milliyet evaluated the status of the palace. ITU Faculty of Architecture Faculty Member Eyüpgiller said that the cracks in the infrastructure of the Fatih Pavilion have been known for a while and that the works have been going on for a long time. It is possible that the resistance of the retaining wall dating back centuries can be weakened. In addition, there may be problems on the floor where the wall is occupied. We do not know exactly how the ground water is channeled, cracks may be caused by the repellent wall of the ground water. Zemin
Tea garden collapsed
Professor Dr. Eyüpgiller, the pit formed in the courtyard of the palace, the collapse of the ground may be caused by the residue or cisterns. Eyüpgiller noted that the filling floor in the courtyard could have been affected by the rain water, and that in a possible earthquake, the walls facing the Marmara Sea formed the most risky area.
Professor Eyüpgiller, ı Last year the wall of the Konyalı Restaurant and the tea garden collapsed due to the ground waters. Groundwater must be drained. In the case of Topkapı Palace, it is clear that the restoration processes need to be accelerated. Obviously, I think the current regulations prevent this acceleration. One of the problems is the restoration projects prepared under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the long-lasting approval processes in the Cultural Heritage Protection Council, which is a unit of the Ministry of Culture. The protection board system is of course necessary. However, in the structures such as Topkapi Palace, which require urgency, the necessary 'competent scientific delegations can be put into service provided that the system can be rendered,' 'he said.
'A hand always in historical work'
Fatih Köşkü restoration application, where deep cracks occurred, is a separate project from the restoration projects of 2 in the other buildings of the palace. Dr. Kemal Kutgün Eyüpgiller, aki Works in valuable historical buildings can take years. One hand must always be on the historical monument olm.



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