Train Accident in Kütahya! .. 1 Heavy 2 Person Injured

Kutahyada train accident injured heavy people
Kutahyada train accident injured heavy people

Two people were injured in the 1 truck in Kütahya where the freight train hit the level crossing. Citizens reported the accident to the scene, the medical teams took the wounded to the hospital. It was learned that one person's condition was serious.

24274 number used by the machinist Y.Ö Tavşanlı-Eskişehir freight train train, Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood, used by Kadir Gencer 34 MJZ 77 plate truck hit the level crossing.

On the notice of citizens who witnessed the accident at the scene 112 Emergency Service teams injured in the accident with the driver Kadir Gencer Furkan Gönültaş'ı, Kutahya Health Sciences University (KSBU) Evliya Celebi Education and Research Hospital. It was learned that Kadir Gencer maintained the seriousness of his health condition.

Police launched an investigation into the accident.

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