Another Modern Overpass to Kocaeli

another modern night
another modern night

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made significant investments in transportation, continues to implement important projects in order to facilitate the transportation of pedestrians as well as vehicle traffic. Izmit district Kabaoglu District Prof.Dr. Dr. The pedestrian overpass built on Baki Komsuoğlu Street is one of these projects. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams completed as a result of the feverish work of modern overpass, was offered to the service of citizens.

Elevator facade covering and elevator manufacturing were completed in the overpass that would provide safe transportation for the people of the region. In the steel overpass where the railing of the pedestrian walkway over the bridge was finished, a tartan runway made of non-slip material was applied. Built with a modern and elegant appearance, the steel overpass uses a total of 70 tons of steel. Landscaping was also carried out around the overpass.

Kabaoğlu Neighborhood Dr. The steel overpass built on Baki Komsuoğlu Street was built with double elevators. The length of the overpass is 34, the width is 3, and the height from the road is 6.25 meters. The modern overpass will eliminate the shortage of pedestrian transport in the region. People and students living in the region, after the completion of the project will not experience problems arising from the seasonal conditions.

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