Problems Do Not End at Istanbul Airport

problems do not stop at istanbul airport
problems do not stop at istanbul airport

Faced with dozens of problems from its construction to its opening and operation, the claims about the Third Airport come up again from time to time with incidents.

The third was first heard in the Landscaping Plan, which came into force at 2009. In this plan, the North Forest area, where the airport is currently built, was determined to be untouchable. However, the airport project was implemented against the plan. In the Istanbul Landscaping Plan dated 2009, which is considered the constitution of Istanbul, the location designated for the third airport was between Silivri and Gazitepe. However, the plan was ignored by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the location of the project was determined as between Akpınar and Yeniköy neighborhoods at the Arnavutköy-Göktürk-Çatalca junction within the boundaries of the Northern Forests.

31's first commercial flight at the Third Airport took place in October. Moves at Atatürk Airport 3 started in March. The allegations regarding the airport, which has been the focus of criticism since the project phase, are still ongoing. We asked the experts about the claims with Istanbul Airport.


CumhuriyetAccording to Zehra Özdilek'in news; Prof. Professor of Ecology Dr. Doğan Kantarcı stated that the inspections in the Third Airport area were insufficient and that the prevailing wind aspects were not compatible with the runways. Kantarcı stated that the runways of the Third Airport are planned in the north / south direction. The incongruity of the wind direction and the landing and take-off directions of the aircraft creates a significant problem. Since the upper material was excavated and lifted at the airport and the elevation was reduced to 40 m, it remained as 'horseshoe' in the surrounding land. The ground winds blowing from the northwest and the northeast rotate on the slopes surrounding the low terrain and form eddy hulls on the area. There is a possibility that these whirlpools will turn into hoses. ”


Surface deterioration on the runways and crashes on the taxi roads, voicing that Kantarcı landing on the runway put a very high pressure wheel on the surface, he said. The concrete thickness of the runway is 1 meter, and the lack of rock material underneath the rock caused the runway to stretch, he said. The flexibility of concrete is low. The pressure in the aircraft's speech will allow the runway surface to turn into a undulating structure after a short time. Crash events in taxiways and other areas are common. As a result, Istanbul 3. Choosing both airport and location is wrong. Both land surveys are insufficient. This inaccuracy and inadequacy cannot be solved by the efforts of the engineers. Therefore, intensive use of this airport in international civil aviation brings many problems and dangers. Unsafe airports cannot be operated for landing and taking off of passenger aircraft. They can be used as military airports or become 'ghost airports'. ”

FIRE IN THE Landing Gear

Bahadır Altan, a retired pilot who evaluates airplanes to remain in a taxi for a long time, said, “Airplanes are forced to brake when going downhill especially in hot weather. Because it can't go above a certain speed. The wheels get warmer as you brake. This may cause fire on landing gear. Some measures are even taken. Immediately after taking off, the airplanes are picking up the landing gear a little too late to cool the airflow. ” Altan continued: “All airlines want to minimize the time spent on the ground. The more air it holds, the more efficient it will be. The surplus of time spent on the ground was reflected in the costs. The latest figures announced by Turkish Airlines confirm what we say. Profitability decreased by 70 percent. 3. The airport will melt civil aviation like a black hole. as an evil, it made a yatırım.türkiye will go down in history into a difficult situation. "


Ecologists Bird Expert Observer Kerem Ali Paint, should be shared in a transparent manner, he said noting that the birds crash into the political intention of not sharing bird accidents in Turkey. Touching on the need to be transparent to take measures, Boya said, “A pilot cannot perform a maneuver in bird accidents. So he shouldn't be guilty anyway. But in Turkey found guilty will be prosecuted by him in that way probably because it is not very common criminal law. For the airport to function better, it should be shared how many bird accidents there are. According to him, we need to take precautions. Is something very simple migratory birds? Or native birds? ”
He said.

Paint said that there might be a problem with the runways. “There are 2 runways at Atatürk Airport, one is in the north-south east, one is in the east-north, east and west-south sides, especially in lodos weather. Currently there is the 2 runway at the new airport, both in the north-south direction. If it is possible to build a runway in the east-west direction or in a different direction, it should be built out of these tracks. If another runway is to be built, there is a possibility that it will eliminate the problems that have been experienced so far. I wish it hadn't been there. I'm a bird watcher, I've seen all the literature I've ever done, and I have friends. What are they going to look at, how do they intend to take precautions? If they give at least this statistic; The plane crashed into birds. But interestingly, these were not migratory birds, most were seagulls. ”


The main event that kept the Istanbul new airport on the agenda, especially as the opening date approached, was the debate on workers' actions and occupational safety.

Workers working at the new airport in Istanbul organized protests to quit working and living conditions in mid-September. Security forces intervened in the protests with tear gas and more than 600 workers were detained. 27 of those detained were arrested.

both of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chambers on the third airport Association (Chamber), both in the North Woods of Defense, prepared by 2014-2015 its report, he emphasized that on routes where havalil mania now one of the most important bird migration routes in Turkey. In recent weeks, Turkish Airlines (THY) Izmir-Istanbul passenger aircraft landing on the landing flocked to the flock of birds during the landing and the plane's body was damaged.


At the beginning of April, the third airport, where full transportation took place, was one of the taxiways that collapsed after a period of 4. After the pilots expressed their complaints frequently, it was decided to close the taxiway for use.


İGA made a statement regarding the collapse of the taxiway and said: alar The works that will accelerate the taxi traffic at Istanbul Airport are in full swing. In this context, the installation of taxiways under the surface to accelerate the planned traffic loop sensors, microwave barriers, control control panels and stop bar installation work has been started, as stated in the report that the claim that the taxiway collapses is not true ”. In a report prepared by IGA regarding the location of the airport on the migration route, it is learned that there are no other measures against the birds at the airports on the route of migration, such as Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.



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