Feast Setting for Public Transportation in Kayseri

Feast Setting in Kayseri
Feast Setting in Kayseri

The Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri took the necessary measures to prevent any problems during the holidays. Measures have been increased to prevent disruptions in public transport, municipal police, water and electricity services.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality will continue to provide bus and rail services without any disruption in order to ensure that the transportation of the citizens is provided in a comfortable way. According to the regulation, the buses will operate on the first two days of the holiday according to the tariff on Sundays and on the third day on the Saturday. Rail system flights will be different during the holidays. The flights will start at 05.15 for Ildem and at 05.30 for Talas.

As every year, there will be free bus services for the graveyard visits this year. 3 The cemetery expeditions, which will start every hour at 15 every 09.00, will continue until 17.00 on June XnUMX. This service will provide free transportation to citizens who want to visit the cemetery. In addition to the City Cemetery, Erkilet Bülbülpınar Cemetery will also be organized free of charge. Buses will depart every hour between 09.00-18.00 and Seyyid Burhaneddin Tomb.

Metropolitan Municipality also made arrangements for Ramadan Feast in the car parks. Hunat, Bedesten and Tacettin Storey car park and Kurşunlu car park due to the intensity of shopping to the day of the day until the 22.00 will serve. Kurşunlu parking will be free with roadside parking lots during the holidays.

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