Ballıkayalar Nature Park Will Be Destroyed For The Northern Marmara Motorway!

to be destroyed nature park in the north of marmara project ballikayalar
to be destroyed nature park in the north of marmara project ballikayalar

The Northern Marmara Motorway Connection Roads Project, which will lead to the cutting of 17 thousand trees in Ballıkayalar Natural Park in Gebze district of Kocaeli, was approved. The objection of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers to the Ministry was rejected. In addition, a second problem for the region emerged in the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council. In line with the request of the Ministry of Transportation, the zoning change was made for the project of expanding the Old Istanbul Road passing through the natural park.

SPOKESMANAccording to Uğur ENÇ's news; The connection roads project for the Northern Marmara Motorway, which is currently under construction, was on the agenda last year. Chamber of Environmental Engineers Kocaeli Branch objected to the project at the end of the year.


17 thousand trees in the region will be cut, said the EIA report related to the project was accepted without proper examination in the room management appeal petition, adan the endangered species of the little owl on the route, freckled partridge, red-legged partridge, rock breeder, wild goose There are bird species such as blackwater. Approximately 17 will cut thousands of trees. It is foreseen that the road planned to be constructed will shorten the journey time by 35 minutes. This shortening of time; . It is obvious that the existing farmland and 200 will not be worth cutting a thousand trees, ged said Ballıkayalar.


The mentioned connection roads project, which was declared by the Regional Commission on Conservation of Natural Heritage of Kocaeli, was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Despite the negative opinion of the institution and the objection of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, the project is expected to start in the coming days.

On the other hand, the connection roads will cause great damage to the Gebze Ballıkayalar Natural Park in a blow to the work of expanding the old Istanbul road will be hit. 200 million years of the Marmara region, which is one of the most important natural wonders in the region of Gebze Ballıkayalar allegedly will cause great damage to the road expansion project recently came up at the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting. The CHP Group, which stated that the region will suffer great damage at the meeting, put an annotation of opposition to the development plans related to the said enlargement.


CHP member Unal Özmural said that road enlargement works would harm the region. Ünla Özmural said, sak If we move the road a few kilometers to the north, there will be no problem. We should take care of this natural wonder area ”. Kocaeli Mayor Tahir Büyükakın said, “There is an old road in the region. The villages of Old Gebze are actively using the old Istanbul road. Traffic is heavy. That road needs to expand. However, it is not currently in the investment plan. We will only approve the zoning change ”.

The zoning change related to the road extension project was passed by the parliament with the majority vote of AKP and MHP members.

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