Ministry Approves Söğütlüçeşme Becomes Gar

ministry approved sogutlucesme is going to gar
ministry approved sogutlucesme is going to gar

Istanbul's main transportation lines Metrobus, Marmaray, high-speed train intersection Kadikoy Sogutlucesme 'gar' is organized as. According to the plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the new high-speed train terminal as well as commercial and cultural buildings will be built. Kadikoy Municipality, the transportation and the area of ​​relevance to the area of ​​the new traffic that will bring the traffic area and commercial functions should not take place in the plan by specifying that the green tissue in the region will be concrete warned.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli; Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Istanbul, Kadikoy Hasanpasa 'Public Transport Garage Plans prepared for the suspension of objections suspended. According to the plan description report, the planning area covers about 65 thousand 370 square meters. In the field of planning, the property belongs to TCDD, IMM and the Treasury. The area has the functions Marmaray, Metrobus Line, Stream Improvement Project, Metro and Bosphorus Crossing Project according to current plans. With the new plan, the main functions such as transportation lines in the area and stream protection band were preserved, and the aki Public Transport Garage Area Project Area hat function was defined for the analysis of the garage. Garage area 42 bin 451 will cover the square meter. The terminal structure, social-cultural areas, recreation areas, commercial areas for passenger needs will take place within the 'Söğütlüçeşme Public Transport Site' Project Area. The location and usage amounts of these structures will be determined in the architectural project. The height of these structures will not exceed 3, but due to the requirements of technical and social-commercial uses at the high-speed train platform, the height of a floor can be up to 8 meters without a mezzanine and parking can be done under the ground.


The report, metrobus, Marmaray, high-speed train line, such as the intersection of the area at the intersection of the car park, waiting and rest, the need for security, especially the need to meet the many requests and demands of the plan was prepared to be recorded.


Asked about the change of plans, the Municipality of Kadikoy made very important warnings. In the opinion letter, it was noted that the density of the building was increased in the 'Public Transport Garage Area Special Project' area. It is stated that there is no limitation on the 'commercial area' plan notes brought to the public transportation garage in terms of passenger needs, and this will create a gravitational force that will increase the mobile population and traffic density already existing in the region. Increased trade intensity will bring additional traffic load to existing roads. The main issue of the proposed plan is the railway and transportation links, with the addition of the added cultural areas function, the new additional mobile population and traffic from various regions will increase the intensity due to the area. It was recorded that no arrangement was made in the zoning roads for the solution of traffic density.


There are many trees in the 'Public Transport Garage Area', underlining that the green texture will be destroyed and the entire area will be concrete. In the north east of the Marmaray line, the 'Public Transportation Special Project Area' function was canceled and the existing trees of this area were planned to be protected as a green area so as not to be under the car park.

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