35 Carries Izmir Tram, 67 Moves Around The World

izmir tramline
izmir tramline

in Izmir Karşıyaka and Konak lines, which serve on the tram lines, quickly gained an important place in the city life. The number of passengers transported since the first day on two lines reached 35 million. İzmir Tram 2,7 has traveled a distance around the world with 67 million km.

The Izmir Tram, operated by Izmir Metro, one of the most important rail system investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, made a great contribution to urban transportation in a short time. The tram, whose number of passengers is increasing, is not only a preferred means of transportation, but also adds a visual beauty to the city silhouette thanks to its lines running on the grass section and its harmony with the natural texture. kazannagged.

World tour 67 times
July 2017 starts to carry passengers between 8,8 km line and Alaybey-Ataşehir Karşıyaka The tram has carried a total of 16 million passengers to date. The 12,6 km Konak Tram, which serves between Fahrettin Altay-Halkapınar stops, has served 2018 million passengers since July 19. Since the first day, Izmir Tram has carried 35 million passengers and total 2.7 has traveled a million km. In other words, 67 has traveled around the world.

Thanks to the rail system investments that Metropolitan Municipality focuses on minimizing fossil fuel consumption in urban transportation, thousands of extra buses are prevented from getting into traffic and polluting the air. Passengers that can fit on 3 buses can be transported each time. According to the calculations, 35 million 9 thousand kg of CO720 that will be released into the atmosphere were prevented if 2 million passengers carried by the Izmir Tram were transported by bus.

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