Transportation in Bursa Discounted on Feast 'On May 19' Free for Students

discount on mayista holiday discount for mayista students
discount on mayista holiday discount for mayista students

Students' '19 May Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day' public transportation vehicles that allow free access to the arrangement, the Metropolitan Municipality Council was adopted unanimously in the vote.

The regular meeting of Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality was held. Mayor Alinur Aktaş directed the surprise decision for the students. According to the decision, all students will be able to benefit from public transport free of charge in 19 May Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day. Free transportation will be available for people using BursaKart in the public transportation vehicles that reach BursaKart.

50 discount on transportation to Ramadan

Mayor of the City of Ramadan, without exception, the public transportation vehicles of the public transportation vehicles with the benefit of a discount of 50 May also removed the May council meeting. The first, second and third day of the festival will be valid. The vote was accepted unanimously.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, the appointment of the newly appointed department heads introduced the assembly. 'Strong management of strong city' understanding of the Metropolitan organization chart go to change, removing the secretary of general secretarial assistance to bring the model of President Aktaş President Aktas, 18 16 presented the head of the circle. President Aktas, Human Resources and Education Department, Numan Şeker, Park Gardens and Coastal Services Department Hakan Bebek, Real Estate Investigation Department, Cengiz Akyol and Intelligent Urban Planning and Innovation Department, Muhammet Kürşak Gürsoy was appointed. told. President Aktas, Muammar Karaduman, Nalan Fidan, Yetişkan Keskin, Dussel Senturk, Aziz Elbas and Habip Aslan will continue to serve as the president of the normal office said.

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