BTSO Logistics has realized its export dream

export dream with btso
export dream with btso

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues to contribute to the export of the Logistics Inc. project, which the companies have started to deliver their products quickly. İsmet Kaya, a businessman from Bursa, managed to export baklava close to 1 tons to Paris, the capital of France, from Yenişehir Airport.

export dream with btso
export dream with btso

BTSO Logistics Inc. provides a cost and speed advantage to exporters in foreign trade transactions. BTSO, which offers air cargo facilities of Bursa Yenişehir Airport to the use of the business world, provides great convenience for the companies to deliver their products more effectively all over the world with this project. Gülümoğlu Baklava Chairman of the Board İsmet Kaya benefited from the opportunities of Logistics Inc., where the first cargo flights were made last April, said that transportation and speed are very important as well as quality products in the food sector.


There are 6 branches in Bursa and 70 people are employed, indicating that Ismet Kaya, 1983 has been operating in the sector since the expressed. indicating that one of the leading industrial and commercial city of Bursa city of Turkey Kaya, stressing that a major advantage of air cargo transportation for Bursa. Kaya said that they had been working in the domestic market before, and that they were always biased towards exporting. İsmet Kaya, BTSO Logistics Inc. thanks to the company for the first time as a company. Noting that France sold about 1 tons of baklava to Paris, Kaya said, yaklaşık I would like to extend my thanks to the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry for providing the logistic services for the Bursa companies. In addition to quality production, it is of utmost importance that products are delivered to the customer in the fastest way possible. The industrial city of Bursa needed a great deal of air cargo transportation. I believe that this project will make a significant contribution to the foreign trade of Bursalı companies. Bu


Ismet Kaya, who stated that they will benefit more from air cargo transportation in the coming days, said fazla In export we did not dare before, we want to achieve new achievements. Our customers in France were also very satisfied with air cargo transportation. It is a great opportunity for the product we send from Yenişehir to reach France in a short period of time. In this way, our products remain fresh. I would recommend that all business people benefit from the air cargo service initiated by BTSO. B

With the support of MNG Kargo and Lima Logistics companies, it provides the direct access of the products to the Middle East and Asian countries especially with the support of BTSO. 60 has a temporary storage area of ​​1,5 and provides the opportunity to export its products to world markets in a short time such as 1.5. The center was able to send products to the US and Europe during the XNUMX monthly period.

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