Bursa Machinery Manufacturers Opened to Far East

bursa mechanics opened to the far east
bursa mechanics opened to the far east

Bursa machinery sector representatives participated in bilateral business meetings in Malaysia and Indonesia within the scope of the Machinery Sectoral Trade Delegation program organized by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce.

BTSO has added a new one to its organizations that enable its members to open to new target markets. Within the scope of the Machinery Sectoral Trade Delegation program organized with the support of the Ministry of Trade, companies from Bursa turned their routes to the Far East. 30 company representative from Bursa participated in the event organized in Malaysia and Indonesia which has the potential to become an attractive export market for the machinery sector with its population density and developing economies. Having held hundreds of business meetings with more than 70 companies in the two countries, Bursalı companies laid the foundations for new collaborations. BTSO delegation, including BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, held various official and commercial contacts within the scope of the event.


The BTSO delegation started the Far East program in Malaysia and participated in bilateral business meetings held in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Turkey's Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur at the event Merve Kavakçı'dan also visited many job interviews were carried out. Within the scope of the program Ambassador Merve Kavakçı, Malaysian Businessmen and Industrialists Association PERDASAMA and Malaysian Investment Development Agency also visited the BTSO members received information about the Malaysian machinery sector, market considerations and investment opportunities. After the contacts in Malaysia, the machinery sector representatives in Indonesia, the program continues to meet with Indonesian companies in the capital Jakarta. Indonesian companies showed great interest in the event, which was held with the participation of Turkey in Jakarta Ambassador Mahmut Erol Kilic. BTSO delegation visited Ambassador Mahmut Erol Kılıç at his office after bilateral business meetings and met with officials of the Federation of Indonesian Metal Machinery Industrialists Association and discussed the possibilities of cooperation.


Muhsin Koçaslan, member of the Board of Directors of BTSO evaluating the organization, said that as BTSO, they continue to support companies to open up new markets and increase their trade volumes. Stating that the world trade axis shifts from west to east, Koçaslan said that developing Asian economies increased the weight of the world economy. Emphasizing that the growing Far East market has great potential, Koçaslan said, ik In this context, we organized a sectoral trade delegation event with the support of our Ministry of Commerce to develop relations between Bursa and Malaysia and Indonesia in the machinery sector and to prepare the ground for cooperation and partnership between our companies. We saw that we had the chance to increase our trade rapidly in this geography which has great opportunities for our machinery sector. I believe that our contacts in this event will soon turn into concrete commercial relations. ”


BTSO Assembly Member Yusuf Ertan said that China and Japan are in a strong position using the geographical proximity advantage in Malaysia and Indonesia. 'Although it is difficult to compete with China and Japan, we must be active in this market.' Ertan said, “We should continue the promotion and marketing activities in the Far East. Particularly during our corporate visits and business meetings in Indonesia, Turkish machinery was also needed in the sector. Our machines are very attractive for the region in terms of quality. We will continue our negotiations with the companies we met at the event..

Ali Yiğit Okçal, the representative of the sector, stated that the Far East is a difficult market compared to Europe and America and said, olarak As a company, we trust our quality. We held interviews with leading companies in both Malaysia and Indonesia. I think we will get positive results in the future. ”

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