Road Traffic Safety Week Starts in Bolu

bolu road traffic safety week has started
bolu road traffic safety week has started

Due to the Highway Traffic Safety Week held in May every year, various events were organized in our city. In the program, traffic officials of the year and the driver of the year were given awards.

Bolu Governor Ahmet Ümit, Deputy Governor Ahmet Atılkan, Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan, Provincial Police Chief Armağan Adnan Erdoğan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Nadir Çelik, Bolu Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Orhan Fırat The police and gendarmerie personnel, drivers and students attended intensively.

The commencement of the Road Traffic Safety Week ceremony started with the reading of the National Anthem and the National Anthem.

Mayor of Bolu Ahmet Umit, who started his speech by expressing his wishes that the highway traffic safety week will bring healthy and peaceful days to our country and our province, said tem Traffic is one of the most basic realities that are related to human life from the moment when people stepped into the street from home and workplace. one is. Therefore, in order to increase public awareness on traffic safety, Traffic Week activities constitute an important occasion. Dolayısıyla


Governor voicing the rise of the welfare of our country and the world in the number of cars increased hope, "Turkey in 2003 9 million vehicles were registered while traffic was registered at about 2018 years 22.9 million vehicles in traffic.

In Bolu, the number of registered vehicles was approximately 2009 thousand 91 in 298 and 2018 in 115 was found.

Significant developments have been achieved in the infrastructure which the number of vehicles need. Last 15 27 thousand km per year. divided road - double road. 2 2023 over a thousand kilometers of highway network is planned to be a thousand km 8''he said.

In the continuation of his speech, Governor Ümit said, X We have a total of 114 km highway including 766 km highway and 5166 km network along with villages. In this road network, our traffic teams and road crews provide services for our traffic safety. In general, 2018 thousand 428 traffic accidents in 74 3 thousand 373 citizens in our country while dying, 4.5 billion TL material damage occurred. 17 of the crash occurred in the form of a pedestrian crash, and% 22.3 of them died.


Starting from 2016 and have a reduction in traffic accidents from 2019 until year. 2017 27 2018 15 44 in the fall while the fallen. That means minus XNUMX.

Again, the dead count is 2017 in 29, but in 2018, it has dropped to 16, which means minus 45.

2017 traffic accident in 719, 2018 traffic accident in 687, and this is minus 5.

In 2017, the number of wounded falls to 1476 in 2018, which means minus 1375.


Due to heavy traffic accidents throughout the country, a number of measures have been taken by the Ministry of Interior.

4-10 We celebrate the Traffic Week in May. Again 4 was the Day of Highway Traffic Safety Day. As you know, 2019 was announced as iniz Pedestrian Traffic Year X. Again, in the general coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, our security and gendarmerie staff will continue to carry out inspections in a more intensive way and try to create a number of awareness.

At the core of the measures taken, the aim is to create control, awareness and awareness. First of all, we will focus more on this issue by marking the year of pedestrian priority traffic.

On the road, the pedestrian will surely stop. Priority will say that the Priority of Life is Emitting. We all have to make this a principle. In the same way as pedestrians will not use the path outside our own. As you pass by the road, we are sure to see if the red light is on or the green light is on. If there is a traffic sign, we must be aware of those signs if there is a police officer. Trafik


Governor Umit, who made statements regarding the works to be carried out in his speech, said, ında In order to increase pedestrian awareness, the related institutions, especially our municipalities; Our pedestrian icons will be completed, horizontal markings will be given importance, pedestrian pavements are popularized, bicycle paths are popularized, pedestrian crossings are made comfortable for our disabled people.

In doing so, we must make importance to human life, to respect others, and to comply with traffic rules.


During inspections during the 2019 year, these inspections will be given special attention to the ban on smoking, wrong overtaking, mobile phone ban, speed limits, slow pedestrian crossings and pedestrian priority. Our drivers are also on the steering wheel when smoking is prohibited, mobile phone is prohibited from speaking, wearing seatbelt, excessive speed ban, pedestrian priority, pedestrian crossing slowdown, parking ban on the pavement, scissor throw, false overtaking prohibitions and so on. taking care of events, a spirit of mobilization will accomplish these things, bir he said.

Ahmet Ümit, the governor of Bolu, gave the following statements at the end of his speech: ım While serving in traffic in order to mark traffic week events, I wish mercy from Almighty Allah to our heroes who are all martyrs from our police and gendarmerie organizations. Today, for the integrity of our homeland and our nation both in the country and abroad, while fighting against terrorism to our brothers and sisters, I wish God's mercy Yüce Mevla. I would like to thank all of our traffic personnel who contributed to the Traffic Week events, and greet you with my love and respect. Trafik

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan touched on the importance of providing traffic awareness from a young age and said, inin I think Bolu is a successful city in the Pedestrian campaign. The pedestrian crossings in front of the school are inadequate and we would like to pass the hologram pedestrian crossing with the permission of our governor. There are a few cities in our country and it is a very successful work. On the other hand, I would like to increase the use of bicycles in Bolu. Diğer

Ini We have to understand and explain the importance of this week well. Pre-school education should begin in primary and secondary education. Bolu chauffeurs and the Chamber of Automobiles as a recommendation to our citizens do not use alcoholic vehicles, do not pass the head of the steering wheel, traffic signs, traffic officials to comply, other drivers ask them to be respectful of the Road Traffic Safety Week I wish to be instrumental in the alk he said.

Ali Çalışkan, Traffic Registration and Supervision Manager, gave a statistical statement by making a speech indicating the meaning and importance of the day.


Following the protocol speeches, the Traffic Commissioner of the Year and plaquets of the Year were selected by Ahmet Ümit, the Governor of Bolu.


Following the organized hall program, Bolu Governor Ahmet Ümit and his entourage led Bolu Mayor, Provincial Security Directorate, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Directorate, Highways 41. They visited the booths opened by the Branch Chief and the Bolu Chauffeurs and Automobiles Chamber.

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