Transport Memur-Sen condemns the incident in Antalya Airport

transporter from you at antalya airport
transporter from you at antalya airport

Transportation Officer-Sen condemned the verbal and physical violence of Pars Special Security personnel at the 3 Air Traffic Controller at Antalya Airport.

The written statement made by the Transport Officer-Sen follows; UM Recently mobbing and rude behavior of private security personnel for DHMİ employees at Antalya Airport 6 May 2019 On Monday, 3 Air Traffic Control was at the top with the physical and verbal violence experienced by our friend.

3 Our friend has been battered in accordance with the Pars Security Officers who attempted to enter the DHMİ personnel parking lot in an illegal manner, firstly after the verbal violence and unfortunately by physical violence. Air Traffic Controllers 5, battered in the attack, could not continue their work by taking the day's incapacity report.

As Transport Officer-Sen, we condemn this incident with violence and say to our employees who were injured in the incident.

DHMI staff at Antalya Airport, all staff working in the airspace, have to go through A Gate to start working in the morning, A gate where single X-Ray device is located in Pars Private Security personnel due to their arbitrary applications and extreme conservative behavior, queues up to 100 meters It has been reported that the personnel started to work morally and without motivation and often too late.

In addition, it was stated that the majority of the Pars Private Security Officers had been subjected to mobbing and rough behaviors especially to the DHMİ personnel, and that this was reported to both DHMİ Private Security Directorate and the Directorate General of the Airport many times, but no measures were taken so far.

It is unacceptable to experience these events in an internationally important Airport like Antalya, which we will not accept in any of our workplaces.

Starting with duty-free, non-motivated and mobbing work done by our devoted DHMI staff who carry out vital tasks in the airspace every morning, will reduce the quality of service and cause the loss of working peace.

As Transport Officer-Sen, we are always with our members and employees.

Our law firm and our lawyers will start legal proceedings about those responsible. In addition, both the General Directorate of DHMI and the Antalya Airport Directorate will ask for the necessary measures to be taken regarding the problems experienced by our staff and the developments will be followed by us.

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