Voluntary Harmonization Movement in Bursa Begins

Volunteer Adaptation Movement in Traffic Started in Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which produces deep-rooted solutions with its land, air, sea and rail system investments, has now started the 'Volunteer Adaptation Movement in Traffic' cooperation with the Bursa Police Department in order to minimize traffic accidents. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that traffic accidents cannot be prevented only by physical investments and said, “The individuals, which are the most important element of traffic, should first be conscious. We aim to create a traffic culture in Bursa with the voluntary compliance movement project in traffic. ”
new ways of urban transportation in Bursa, bridge, with intersections and rail system investments, the city from the transportation hydrofoil, seaplane and bringing solutions with helitaks project Municipality, now pushed the button for the solution of people-oriented problems. No matter how much the investment is made, the people who move from the fact that the traffic accidents cannot be eliminated without the awareness of the individuals, the Metropolitan Municipality has initiated the bilinç Voluntary Integration in Traffic yapıl project in cooperation with the Bursa Police Department in order to enable the citizens to be more alert, conscious and compliant with the traffic.
Traffic accident 8 death cause
According to the World Health Organization's 2013 Road Safety Report; The highest death rate in traffic accidents in the regions of Africa, and Turkey is also found in the eastern Mediterranean. 5 is the main risk factor for fatal accidents, driving speed, alcohol, not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt and not having a child seat. Traffic accidents are among the causes of death in the world, while the 8-15 is the majority of those killed in the accident. If the emergency measures are not taken, 29 traffic accidents will rise to the 2030 rank among the causes of death. 5 annually 1 thousand people die each year in traffic accidents. If no more changes in the number of accidents since 240 when proportioned according to the number of vehicles in traffic seems to increase 2007 6 percent of traffic accidents in the last year. 15 2007-2010 indicates that this problem can be solved by measures to reduce mortality from traffic accidents in the country. Africa each 88 100 thousand people in a traffic accident while regions with the highest death occurred, in which Turkey's eastern Mediterranean region ranks second with 24.1.
Public transport should be expanded
The report also included applications to minimize traffic accidents. Emphasizing that governments should increase measures to ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety, public transportation should be expanded in order to accelerate the flow of public transportation and ensure driving safety. In order to prevent traffic accidents, awareness should be prepared to raise awareness in the society, while Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Security Directorate took an important step in this regard and started the 'Voluntary Integration in Traffic' movement in Bursa to raise awareness on traffic.
'Survive life, you're traffic'
In project scope; For the purpose of raising awareness of road users, the use of pedestrian and school crossing, adaptation to red light, the importance of safety belt, speed-accident relationship, the fight against noise pollution caused by unnecessary helton use, the risks of mobile phone use, the importance of bicycle in city transportation and the introduction of disabled transportation systems images were prepared to inform. While the printed materials prepared for the purpose of raising awareness about the campaign will be distributed, various materials for educational purposes will be distributed in schools. In the traffic applications to be made on the roads, the traffic police teams will provide educational and informative activities related to the campaign. Traffic training activities for the students, road users and public transport vehicle drivers will be carried out by traffic personnel of Bursa Provincial Directorate of Security.
Traffic culture will occur
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, World Health Organization's 2013 Road Safety Report to prevent accidents in public transportation to be emphasized to be emphasized, Bursa said they have made significant progress in this area in the recent period. Inner-city tram line of buses as well as a constant reminder that renewed President Altepe, "Let's do what we do to invest up to individuals to prevent traffic accidents, as long as we can not be careful. First of all, we need to create a traffic culture in society. Within the scope of this project, we will draw attention to everyone's attention once again and show them to our citizens that they can be saved from being a traffic victim with simple measures Bu.
Mortal accidents decreased by 9 percent
Bursa Provincial Police Director Sabri Durmuslar, 2013, traffic teams as a result of intensive inspections of the traffic accidents by 9.3 percent of the decrease, but the wounded traffic accidents, despite the increase in the rate of 2.6 a percentage of all efforts, he said. Stating that the effectiveness and safety of the road transport system depends to a great extent on the road users' compliance with the traffic rules, Durmuşlar stressed that they regard the traffic safety problem as a value given to human beings and they will overcome the lack of traffic rules with a common public conscience.

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