Turkey's Energy Solutions Workshop and Panel Edited in Buteko

turkiyenin Energy Solutions Workshop and panel arrangement was in my BUTEKOM
turkiyenin Energy Solutions Workshop and panel arrangement was in my BUTEKOM

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkey's Energy Solutions Workshop by operating within the Chamber of the Council of Energy and the Panel was held. BCCI Energy Council Chairman Erol Dağlıoğlu, noting that to do with mostly imported machinery of renewable energy production in Turkey, "Bursa in the current account deficit, with our own machines, wind, solar, we aim to evaluate our hydro and geothermal potential." He said.

In the BCCI Energy Council and UU collaboration, Bosch and Turkey's Limak Energy Electrical Energy Solutions organized with the support of Uludag Bursa Workshop and Panel Technology and R & D Co-ordination Center was held in Buteko. In order to reduce Turkey's energy import activity evaluating the needed energy solutions BCCI Board Member Osman Moist, President Erol Dağlıoğlu BCCI Energy Council, academics and he was attended by many business representatives.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, BTSO Board Member Osman Nemli said that the energy sector is of great importance for economic growth and sustainable development. Noting that Turkey's rapid industrialization and the demand for energy continues to increase with the improving economic structure Moist, "However, our economy depends on imports large amounts of energy. For example, the 2016 billion dollars part of the current 32,6 billion dollars in 74, which is the same as the 24 billion dollars, is due to energy imports. It is not sustainable to spend ten billion dollars on energy imports every year. Therefore, the first condition of our country to get rid of the middle income trap is to reduce the dependence on foreign sources in energy. For this, it is necessary to use energy efficiently, to benefit from renewable energy resources and to develop competent human resources with energy technologies. Bun


Erol Dağlıoğlu, the President of the Council, who provided information on the work of the Energy Council, said that they set up the Energy Efficiency Center and the Renewable Energy Machinery Cluster with the aim of producing renewable energy machines in Bursa for the most efficient use of energy in the industry. Renewable Energy Machinery Cluster HIS project supported the Ministry of Commerce stated that the return Dağlıoğlu, "which is a poor country in terms of fossil fuels Turkey, at a level to compete with the world in the field of renewable energy. However, in this sector, many machines and services from abroad. Thus, we do not import energy but we import machinery-services. Our aim is to evaluate the potential of wind, solar and hydroelectric power with our own machinery by using the production power of Bursa industry. Ama Acknowledging the academicians, industrialists and sector stakeholders who participated in the workshop, Dağlıoğlu added that they aim to organize a comprehensive 'Energy Summit' in Bursa as the Council.

After the opening speeches' Energy Problem and Turkey was passed in the first session of the panel discussion. Prof. Yaşar University Faculty Member Dr. Prof. Dr. Arif Hepbaşlı from the University of Ontario, Canada. Dr. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer from ITU Dr. Ahmet Durmayaz, BTSO Energy Council President Erol Dağlıoğlu and Limak Uludağ Electricity General Manager Ali Erman Aytac took part as a speaker.


Prof. Dr. Akın gave a presentation titled Energy Equation and Intelligent Solutions. Dr. Dr. Ibrahim Dincer, energy is changing processes, renewable energy and storage systems have come to the forefront of a new and dynamic period began, he said. Dinçer said that all companies and institutions have realized technology investments in this direction. Teknoloji If you do not have technology options in this process, you will continue to be dependent on the outside. Independence in energy and economy depends on technological success. En


Professor Dr. Ahmet durmayaz, nuclear energy and nuclear energy in the speech on Turkey stressed that one should not only be assessed by the free market economy conditions. Durmayaz indicating that the mother of all the technology of nuclear energy, also gave information about Turkey and the world nuclear energy investments. Stating that there are 451 nuclear reactors operating around the world, Durmayaz said, dile 55 is currently under construction. One of them is Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in our country. When the Akkuyu is completed, the 3.500 is expected to be employed. We must develop our human resources in this field in the first place in line with our targets of Full Independence in Nuclear Power Plant Technology and National Self-Efficiency. Nükle

Erol Dağlıoğlu gave a speech on Clean Coal Technologies and Management, while Mr. Ali Erman Aytac, General Manager of Limak Uludağ Electricity, made a presentation on Electricity Demand and Resource Management. In the event where three separate panels were organized with the topics of Energy Technologies and Innovation Culture, Sustainable Approaches and Environment and Energy Efficiency and Solutions, BTSO Energy Efficiency Center and Model Factory technical trips were also held.

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