High Speed ​​Train of the Channel Tunnel uses the solution of Eurostar Dassault Systèmes

high speed train mans tunelinin eurostar
high speed train mans tunelinin eurostar

Dassault Systèmes announced that Eurostar, an international company providing high-speed train services in the Channel Tunnel, chose the DELMIA Quintiq application, which operates on the basis of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to develop resource and maintenance planning activities.

Carrying passengers through the Channel Tunnel between London, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Eurostar has carried 2017 million passengers since 10,3. The company, which has ambitious plans, wants to grow its business by increasing the frequency of voyages and to offer its customers the best possible travel experience. Dassault Systèmes and his business partner Ordina have developed a two-component solution to support Eurostar.

Philippe Dabancourt, Eurostar's Director of Train Services and Performance, said, Eur We needed a solution that could be planned in different time periods and could be structured according to various rules and sets of regulations. At the same time, this solution had to be something that our planners could easily use - both in the assignment and maintenance - so it was important to support multiple languages ​​and time zones. Aynı

Mes We are delighted that DELMIA Quintiq has been chosen as a solution to the complex workforce and maintenance planning needs of Eurostar, inden said Wouter Tielemans, Ordina Supply Chain Director. Thanks to our industry experience, we offer a fully integrated solution that complies with the specific requirements of Eurostar and the current IT structure. This will enable Eurostar to offer high-level service to its customers and easily expand its business. Bu

Olivier Sappin, Vice President of Transport and Mobility at Dassault Systèmes, said, Oliv Consumer expectations for transportation and mobility services change and affect business models in all sectors. In high-speed trains, which are one of these sectors, safety and reliability requirements are met in a context where trains are subject to different set of rules and timelines are hampered. In Past planning methods can no longer meet the requirements of this evolving relationship. Integrated, intelligent applications can reduce complexity and speed up value generation. Eurostar's confidence in Dassault Systèmes confirms the extensive experience we have gained in this industry through the DELMIA Quintiq applications. Ost (xnumxvolt)


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