Batman's Raybuss Demand Support Grows

Supports the demand for batmannin raybus
Supports the demand for batmannin raybus

Batman arDiyarbakır railway line to be converted into rail transport Batmansonsöz newspaper support for the signature campaign is growing.


In Batman bakDiyarbakır Railway, support for the signature campaign launched in Batman is growing, which will contribute to the prevention of air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles, to save the citizen from the high cost of travel and to ensure the safe, fast and inexpensive travel. Zonguldak-Karabük, Çatal-Tire, Kars-Akyaka, Malatya-Elazig between the active railroad transportation between the Batman-Diyarbakir Road to be realized between the signature of the signature is collected. Adjacent to Akyürek District City Hall Batmansonsöz The signatures collected in the newspaper office will be mailed to the Ministry of Transportation by mail.


Since the beginning of the campaign, readers of the newspaper office have signed the signature and supported the campaign.


PAK Batman Province Organization visited the newspaper office with its managers and members and supported the campaign. Mayor Aziz Özdemir stated that Batman was neglected in the face of politicians 'and institutions' indifference, and he believed that railroad transportation would contribute to Batman and Diyarbakir provinces.

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