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Curfew to Rent: TCDD, wedding and engagement, such as special days or sightseeing tours for the passenger trains rental service.

Those who want to benefit from the comfortable and safe transportation of railways for special days or sightseeing tours can rent a train at prices starting from 2 thousand liras.

According to the information received from the AA correspondent, the passenger and freight transport railways, which is not very well known in the public, but also offers passengers the possibility to rent a passenger train. Rail transportation, which is preferred mostly in freight transportation, has started to see high demand in passenger transportation with the breakthroughs made in recent years.

The preferred train travel, which is preferred due to its comfort and especially its safety, does not meet the requirements with scheduled flights. In case of demand, passenger trains also provide services to the enthusiasts by renting.

It can be used in private passenger trains, student trips, culture and nature tours or corporate organizations which are preferred for the transportation of guests on special occasions such as weddings and engagement.

The price of making an "extraordinary" journey with private passenger trains starts from 2 thousand liras. Trains called “raybus” for 64 or 68 people can be rented for 2 thousand liras. The dual train set with a capacity of 133 passengers, a triple train set with a capacity of 196 people and a quad train set that can carry 254 passengers serve with prices starting from 4 thousand liras.

Renting is determined according to the route in private train rentals with long distance.

  • James Bond used it too

The young couple benefiting from the private train rental service last year had their wedding on the train. Burak Burma and Bengisu Tanyol entered the world house with a wedding ceremony on May 26 last year, the guests witnessed the "happiness" of the couple's happiness by going to the historical Varda Bridge with the train they took in Adana Train Station.

Some scenes from the James Bond series, the last film shot in Turkey, "Skyfall" also used in the filming of cars leased from TCDD, particularly interested in filming had seen in Varda Bridge.

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