Modern Parking in Kestel District of Bursa

modern parking in bursanin kestel
modern parking in bursanin kestel

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, all districts will increase the quality of life investments in the town of Kestel also added. The ground floor of the car park and market area to be built in Kestel was laid with a ceremony.

The Municipality, which has carried out the projects that will carry Bursa to the future in all areas from transportation to infrastructure, from sports to historical and cultural heritage, has given the start of an investment that will add value to the quality of life in Kestel District. The top floor of the 386 car park with a total capacity of 4 will be used as a market area. Total 3 thousand 550 will be built on square meters of parking lot and the foundation of the market place, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Deputy Minister of Health Halil Eldemir, Bursa deputies Efkan Ala, Mufit Aydin and Vildan Yilmaz Gurel, Kestel Governor Ahmet Karakaya, Kestel Mayor Yener AKAR Provincial Chairman of the AK Party, Ayhan Salman, AK Party Kestel Mayor Candidate Önder Tanır and many citizens took part in a ceremony.

Kestel's face is changing

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas, in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, Ahmet Vefik Pasa Mahallesi'na car park and the market area will add value to the region visually, he said.

Stating that Kestel is one of the districts that are of great value both for agriculture, industry and tourism, President Aktaş said, biri Kestel is one of our districts open to development with the population of 65 thousand. We are going to do the following projects in accordance with this development. Except for a few in our rural areas, the infrastructure is over. The rest will be finished in this period, Kalan he said.

In parallel with the intensive development, the traffic jams seem to be a nuisance, but both this parking lot and a second-storey car park will be solved by the President Aktaş explaining that the situation will be solved. We extend the metro line to the east of 1,5 kilometers. We're building an eastern terminal in this area. V The car park and market area we are building will also add significant value to the district visually, mal he said, adding that the car park and market area, which will cost around 12 million 300 thousand liras, will respond to a significant need in the district.

Thanks to Mayor Aktaş

At the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health Halil Eldemir formerly used two cars in a street, while almost every car in almost every house, so the car park is an important need, he said. Eldemir thanked both Mr. Yener Acar, who served Kestel for three periods, and Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of the Municipality, who will bring such a beautiful work to the district.

Kestel Mayor Yener Acar stated that the parking lot and market area is an issue that they have been following for years, alan Thank goodness we are laying the foundation today. I believe it will be finished in the shortest time. I would like to thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for taking this issue as a priority and starting the construction. Bu After the speeches, President Aktas and the protocol members, pushed the button laid the foundation of the parking lot and market area.

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