Şanlıurfa: Planned Light Rail System Map

map of the planned rail system in sanliurfada
Light Rail System Map Planned in Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi shared on his social media account that the Rail system, which is a first in Şanlıurfa, is the first in Şanlıurfa.

In his post on his social media account, Çiftçi stated that a total of 34 vehicles will be served at the beginning, and it is a revolution in the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Public transportation system. Karaköprü Abide Eyyübiye Light rail line preliminary project and feasibility study has been completed. Rail system, which is a first in Şanlıurfa 15.3 km long and consists of a total of 16 stations.

map of the planned rail system in sanliurfada

The light rail system, which will initially serve with a total of 34 vehicles, will start from Karaköprü and extend to Abide and Eyyubiye. The line, which has a capacity to carry 225 thousand passengers per day and 80 million passengers per year, will facilitate two-way transportation along the north-south corridor of the city. Transportation will be diversified and easier with the rail system, which will be a first in Şanlıurfa.

This system, which offers a fast, safe, economical and environmentally friendly solution, is a service expected by Urfa and its residents, which are among the oldest settlements. The rail system, which will keep the values ​​of the city alive with its thematic stops and vehicles, will contribute to tourism and thanks to the investment to be made, both passengers and traffic will be relieved. Good luck to our Şanlıurfa,” he said. – Urfanatik

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