Girls Can Do It Event in Antalya

antalyada girls can do activity
antalyada girls can do activity

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, in cooperation with the 'Girls Can Do It / Girls Can Do' activity girls students who met women who are successful in their profession. From firefighters to pilots, women workers from various occupational groups told students about their experiences.

With the support of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, the 'Girls can do it' event was organized under the auspices of the Metropolitan Municipality. As part of the event, women working in occupational groups dominated by men met with girls from Aksu Cihadiye Secondary School. At the airport, an apron and plane trip was organized for students.

Women employees gave information and support
12 girls and girls from Aksu Jihadiye Middle School, Fraport TAV Antalya Airport General Manager Gudrun Teloeken, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Sanem Öztürk, Pilot Berrak Kalafat Esen, Dr. Nevcan Aktuğ, Vatman Sibel Yılmazgönen, Bus Driver Gülay Gül, Fire Brigade Eri Seda Özdem, Landscape Architect Ebru Kılıç met Landscape Architect Aslı Şahin. Female students received information by asking questions about their profession to women who were successful in their profession.

You can make your dream scroll!
In his opening speech, Gudrun Teloeken, General Manager of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, emphasized the need for the girls to advance and be courageous for the professions they dreamed of. For example, there is no reason for girls not to be pilots, technicians or mathematicians. Do not forget to scroll your dream can do, Hay he said.

Can be social prejudice
Mr. Sanem Öztürk, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that he was very happy to be in the project and said ere Menderes Türel, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, gives great importance to this project. I experienced the difficulties of working as a woman in the society as a woman, as well as a woman administrator and a municipality. When you begin career climbing, you may encounter social prejudices. You can reach your dreams when you continue your work without being intimidated. For example, the head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department is a female manager. He works as a female manager with bus drivers, minibuses, trucks and taxi drivers. Otobüs

Women raise awareness in their professions
Stating that he has been working in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department for 10 years, Fireman Eri Seda Özdem loved her profession and said, “My profession has added a lot to me. For example, I learned to drive using a fire truck. Women can also work as firefighters because women create awareness within the male profession as coordinated and analytical intelligence. We don't just go to the fire, we also go to accidents and rescues. It was difficult for firefighters and the environment to accept a woman, but I assured my colleagues that I could do this job. ”

Most interested female pilots
Pilot Berrak Kalafat Esen was one of the women employees who were most interested in the students. Esen said that he has been a pilot for nine years. In Pilothood is my childhood passion. I was impressed that my father was Captain Pilot. A job that I love and enjoy. The question most students asked me, bir Is there an obstacle in front of you? I told them that they did not support them in the contrary. When you take a flight in the first time with the male pilots may be a coldness, but then you get used to and become a brother so that you become fate, '' he said.

I want to be a war pilot
7 sitting in the cockpit of the airplane during the event. The student of the class, Yağmur Kalkan, stated that his dream was to fly as a war pilot. Yıldız Turkish Stars and Solo Turk's shows impress me and I am very excited about watching them. At that moment, I say I want to be a fighter pilot. I was even more encouraged when I talked to the woman pilot today. When I sat in the cockpit, I dreamed of using the plane. I've had a fun day. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this trip. Büyük

I'm so happy
9. Yelda Zorlu, a class student, said, Sınıf I am very happy to be here. Because I know a lot of professions, our women love the work they do. I was thinking of becoming a writer. I can work in the aviation industry. Today I understood that, Bugün he said.

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