Tekkeköy Logistics Center, which is worth $ 300 Million, will be garbage

Tekkekoy logistics center will be a cop
Tekkekoy logistics center will be a cop

Samsun Tekkeköy built 50 million euro (about 300 million pounds) cost of 'Logistic Village' project on the case opened by villagers after the cancellation of the decision of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers resulted in the case. The court, the construction of the 1. The class decided to stop the execution by stating that it was built on agricultural land.

SPOKESMANAccording to the news of Ismail AKDUMAN; In Samsun, Tekkeköy district of Samsun, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Commodity Exchange, Central Industrial Zone, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Tekkeköy Municipality in cooperation with the commencement of the construction and the largest of the Black Sea and the 2015 million euros will be the 'Logistics' There was a new development in the process of returning the village to snake harvest.


In the field survey conducted by the court expert, it was pointed out that the proposed alternative places for the Logistic Village are not evaluated and the center is far from the transportation networks. The court noted that 1 is located around the center by drawing attention to the possibility of the expansion of the Logistics Village project in the following years. he emphasized that the agricultural lands and rangelands are under threat. Court, construction of 1. The class decided to stop the execution by stating that it was built on agricultural land.


ZAV 12, who followed the event since the trial process, Hayati Tosun, chairman of the branch, stated that the court had decided on the mind and conscience. Tosun stated that they had written to the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding the implementation of the decision. Ediy Lawless steps were taken and legal decisions were not implemented. The court ruled conscientiously. We were saying that the investment was made in the wrong place from the very beginning. Biz


Serkan Lay, who was involved in the case, said that they were not against the investment. Karşı This is the second court decision on the cancellation of the logistic village. We opposed the construction of the project on farmland. Agricultural land is our future. Now the court has decided to confirm our statements. We expect the decision to be implemented Karar.


50 million euro was spent to complete the center, while European Union subsidies were also used. Now the process is curious as to how the process works. After the court announced its decision, he wrote for the implementation of the decision to the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. On the other hand, the jurists stated that after the finalization of the court decisions, the EU could open a compensation case to get back the support given for the Logistic Village.


Samsun Logistics Village is based on international standards and is based on a total area of ​​700 thousand square meters. Logistics village 80 thousand square meters consists of closed area. Turkey's 4. Large storage and logistic base will be the first opening of the village 2 thousand people were expected to provide jobs.

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