Environmental Approach to Transportation

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There is no doubt… Transportation is the most important problem of big cities. The increasing number of vehicles with the population brings the streets to be sufficient, constantly brings new transportation projects and investments.
Besides the…
This also has an environmental aspect.
His account, as a road and transportation expert, from time to time his thoughts conveyed from these columns Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl made.
Tözün, which calculates the gas output from the tires and vehicles exhausted by rubber wheeled vehicles, has reached these striking figures:
“The carbon monoxide emission per passenger in 1 kilometer is 42 grams of tramway and light rail, 65 grams in the subway, 69 grams in the bus, 110 grams in the small gasoline vehicle, 133 grams in the medium gasoline vehicle, 183 grams in the gasoline large model vehicle.”
The result is:
“1 passenger per 1 kilometer can produce 91 grams less carbon dioxide by using a light rail instead of a medium model vehicle with gasoline.”
A striking comparison made more:
“In Soğanlı Botanical Park, there are a total of 400 thousand trees of 150 species in a 8 thousand square meter span. Approximately 10 thousand people using an average of 300 kilometers of Bursaray every day save 8 thousand 3 trees, which is 24 times the 818 thousand trees in Botanic Park. ”
And then Sonra
He made the following rating:
“According to the European Urban Specifications, the car is slow but surely kills the city. We will now choose either the city or the car. ”
He added:
“The calculations show that rail systems that relieve urban traffic protect the environment with energy efficiency and less carbon emissions.” (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - OLAY)



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