Railway Project from Erzincan to Trabzon

trabzona erzincandan railway project
trabzona erzincandan railway project

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they are working on an 16 project in Trabzon.a ErzincanOur work on the railway project continues. dan

Minister Turhan, Ortahisar district of the neighborhood after the visit of tradesmen answered questions from journalists.

A journalist, m You started your visit, what is the excitement?? Minister Turhan said,, It is not possible for us to come to Trabzon and not be excited. Trabzon is the city of excited people. We get excited when we come to this city. Trabzon's air, water, soil puts us in a different atmosphere. U

Minister Turhan, said that the region's visits to continue from the beginning of the week, said:

Hane Artvin, Rize, Bayburt, Gumushane. Today we are in Trabzon. We are having a nice day with our citizens in Trabzon. We exchanged views and opinions on the works of our colleagues who work in the ministry and in the local administration. Of course we have local elections ahead of us. Pre-election preparations continue. We are hugging with our people, we are hasbihal. We share our work, services and jobs with our citizens. Yap

Turhan, say Turkish Airlines (THY) Cyprus-Trabzon direct flights to be brought back ın while answering the question,-The number of passengers to form an airline is very important. Airline operators, the plane does not catch a certain level of service leaves there. It's all over the world, and so is our country. Trabzon Airport 5 serves the city. It's not just a city airport, 7 in Turkey in terms of the number of passengers. great airport. büyük

Minister Turhan, Trabzon is everywhere the people of the transfer, from each region to the city said that the flight demands.

Saying that there are people living in Cyprus, Turhan said:

Bulundu We have a minister in Cyprus, and he made a request to us. THY considers scheduled flights to be provided if there are enough passengers in certain months but not in the whole year. I talked to THY officials. In the opinion that there would not be enough passengers, it would not be sustainable and would not be sustainable. It is not true that a service to a loss works. But our friends are working on repairing the area. In spring, we will do this repair and reinforcement until the end of June. Döneminde

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan, “Will the extension work be done? Ası to the question,“ We ​​evaluate this issue. In fact, rather than expanding, the passenger capacity of our airport is increasing. Terminals are insufficient. Especially the passenger terminals domestic lines, international lines ım I would not have promised to Trabzon, but I think a new airport will be built. We hope he is the next good news. J

Another journalist, "2019 for the year of your project will you give the gospel?" Answering the question Turhan, said:

Ir At 2019, we are aiming to cross the Kanuni Boulevard, which is currently under construction in Trabzon, until the end of this year until the Çukurçayır region. We hope to connect the Star junction to Erdoğdu in the middle of summer. Kanuni Bulvarı is a project that will contribute to Trabzon's urban and transit traffic. The Konaklar-Kaşüstü line, which is still under construction, continues in Trabzon. Akçaabat-Düzköy road and Yalıncak-Çağlayan road continues.

In the meantime, many projects in the inner parts, our provincial roads continue to work. You don't need to count them one by one, we're working on the 16 project. But we are also looking forward to the project of railway from Erzincan to Trabzon. We will bring it to Trabzon in the coming working period. Onu

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