UK Alarm at Istanbul Airport!

britain alarm at istanbul airport
britain alarm at istanbul airport

He was alarmed at the Istanbul Airport by the British Civil Aviation Authority.

airporthab isAccording to the news, the 18 will be examined by the British on Monday, February the latest status of Istanbul Airport. Due to the aforementioned examinations, it was noted that the studies would stop between 08: 00-13: 00 and no work would be done in the terminal in particular.

In addition to stopping work, all units were warned to eliminate some of the prohibited substances found during the construction works. Notice made; it was emphasized that the prohibited substances should be kept under lock and the places accessible to the passengers should be checked in particular.

Here's a warning that all units are alerted:

18 In the morning, the construction of the terminal within the 08: 00-13: 00 range should not be carried out due to an inspection visit by the UK Civil Aviation Authority on Monday. In this sense, it is necessary to inform all the stakeholders and subcontractors, to keep the banned materials locked due to the ongoing construction works especially in the bosphorus region, to check the spaces that the passengers can reach and to remove the banned materials if any.

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