Closing the Level Crossing in Çatalağzı Turned Citizens Up

the closure of a level crossing
the closure of a level crossing

Zenguldak Kilisli district of the town of Çatalağzı railway gate often closed the vehicle and pedestrian crossing, the citizens rebelled. The Voice of the People brought up the issue a month before 3.

Citizens who react to the closure of the Çatalağzı level crossing frequently, said, emin It was not made before the winter. Now the weather is not cold. We will continue to suffer this torment until summer comes. It is enough. We're sick of this torture. This is just an example. There is no proper road anywhere in Zonguldak. This is Çatalağzı level crossing .. It is closed again. 10 of each month is off. People are victims. They have to travel a mile for their home and work. Two weeks off for two days. As you can see, there is also no one what is running dü. (the Halkınse)



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