Investments in Rail System Decrease Carbon Emissions in Izmir

rail system investments in Izmir fall carbon emissions
rail system investments in Izmir fall carbon emissions

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2050 and 2100 optimistic and pessimistic climate scenarios and models for the new project will put into action. Environmental Scientist Dr. Nuran Talu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's intense climate change projects are working closely, said: mücadele Neither Ankara nor Istanbul does not have an action plan on climate change. Izmir took a great deal on this issue İzmir he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps for a başla greener Izmir ”, has started a new practice that will guide the future of the city. ”A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Focused Adaptation İçin project, initiated in cooperation with the Association of Landscape Studies, was first explained to Metropolitan Council members and Municipality staff in the relevant commissions. With this project, which aims to determine the future of the city and to draw a road map by considering the climate change, the Metropolitan Municipality will determine the green infrastructure of the city and on the other hand will present the ğ optimistic and pessimistic ece climate scenarios and models of the 2050 and 2100 years. . Project results will be shared with the public next month.

Rail system investments reduce carbon emissions
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General made the opening speech of the meeting. Buğra Gökçe, touching on the importance of minimizing the effects of climate change, said: Bu Nowadays there is a problem of climate change and global warming. We cannot treat the problem by not accepting the problem. It is also not possible to describe the recent weather events as small meteorological events. Son

Taking a step towards reducing carbon emissions among major cities in Turkey, the only local authorities indicating that the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Gokce, said:

Iyor In İzmir, there is a municipality that has been aware of the reality of environmental problems for a long time and it is developing its investments as an environmentalist. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is investigating nature based solutions and taking important steps towards the transition from rubber wheel to electric and rail system in public transportation. We have a choice that prioritizes urban centers for pedestrian and bicycle transportation. A pioneer in Izmir, Turkey, is being done exemplary work. The general framework of this is based on the main idea of ​​reducing carbon emissions. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2020'ye committed to 'percent of 20 carbon emission reduction' is fulfilling step by step, ediy he said.

We will produce biogas in Harmandalı
Secretary General Buğra Gökçe continued: ed Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has introduced the most comprehensive Intelligent Traffic System in the country under the name IZUM. This is one of the jobs that aim to reduce the carbon emissions of 2020 by 251 until 15 with the system that collects the waiting and transition rates at the intersections as much as possible. Our carbon composite, new 3 passengers and 20 cars with our 5 cars are shed in the bay. It consumes much less fuel than previous ships. Moreover, every vehicle that steals the sea and rail system from the tyre's transportation reduces some of its carbon emissions. Green motor, low-based buses are in use and we are trying to renew all of our buses in this way. a first 780 electric buses as a fleet of urban transportation in Turkey is using active. So far, the electric bus 81 carried millions of passengers and thus prevented the use of 2 thousand liters of diesel fuel. 103 savings per kilometer were achieved according to diesel vehicles. Hence 640 thousand 1 tons of carbon emissions were blocked. In order to provide the energy of these buses, ESHOT's workshops in Gediz were covered with solar panels. We get our energy from the sun. Similarly, our projects continue to use solar energy and roofs more actively in other facilities. The Tahtalı Dam is one of the most important basins used as the country's water basin and the General Directorate of İZSU has planted 75 million XNUMX thousand saplings in the XNUMX hectare area to protect this basin. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not sign a decision in this basin that will allow construction in any way. Bu

Gökçe said that long-term ground problems have not been overcome in the establishment of solid waste recycling facilities in İzmir. He also touched upon the Harmandalı Landfill site, which is a subject of political polemics. Turkey's first landfill dumpsites in the Harmandalı is larger dumpsites in Istanbul because of a similar nature. We are now conducting a major rehabilitation project in Harmandalı. We have come to an end in the construction of a biogas plant with a capacity of 15 MW power generation. We're going to generate energy in this facility soon. We will then systematically plant this area. But our main job is the Solid Waste Recycling and Biogas Plant which we expect to permit for the construction process. Ama

Izmir difference in action plan
Environmental and Political Scientist Nuran Talu stated that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality closely examined the projects to combat intensive climate change and said:

Or İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the Sustainable Energy Action Plan using the standards of the European Union. There are many breakthroughs in the design of many green areas in urban transportation and waste management in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that we care about and which we call fossil fuels. Within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality, a serious greenhouse gas reduction target is set and it is walking towards this step. In the 3 metropolitan Turkey Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. However, neither Ankara nor Istanbul have an action plan on climate change. Izmir has taken a very great course. Even the institutional structure of the municipality shows that it understands climate change very well. A unit such as Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch works by separating most cities from a unit. However, you will protect nature and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Izmir is the only metropolitan municipality that perceives this pair. İzmir is one of the most resilient municipalities. İzmir

Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Landscape Architecture faculty member Assoc. Cigdem HepC Coskun said that the example of Turkey, where each step of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality scored evaluate environmental investments.

18 month-long work
. A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Focused Adaptation UM project, which is entitled to receive 150 thousand Euros from the EU, took approximately 18 months. For the district of Balçova, which is selected as the pilot area, the urban infrastructure system was mapped and the area utilization and change models were prepared. Urban ecosystem services were mapped. Plans were set for the adaptation of İzmir to climate change. A guide book was prepared with all the information obtained and created during the project process.

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