Minister Turhan Examined Konya YHT Station and Logistics Center

sees turhan konya yht gari and logistics center 1
sees turhan konya yht gari and logistics center 1

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Konya Logistics Center and High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) has made observations in the construction of the Station.

Minister Turhan, for some visits and investigations came first in the city, Konya High Speed ​​Railway construction examined the construction.

When the construction is completed, Turhan also informed the authorities about the construction of the garage, which is planned to serve as a life center, and urged that the works be accelerated and meticulously executed.

Minister Turhan, then Konya (Kayacik) Logistics Center visited.

Authorities received information on construction work, Turhan, Organized Industrial Zone near the 1 million square meters on the center of the center is an important investment for both the city and the country said.

Turhan stated that they aim to complete the construction of Konya Logistics Center as soon as possible.

Visits Turhan'a Minister, Konya Governor Cuneyit Orhan Soil, Metropolitan Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Provincial Police Chief Sukru Yaman, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hasan Angi and AK Party Konya Deputy Tahir Akyürek was accompanied.

Minister Turhan visited Mevlana Museum, met with artisans and citizens

Turhan, where he came to participate in a series of programs in the city of the Logistics Center and High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station after the construction of the Mevlana Museum has passed the examinations.

Minister Turhan, the authorities received information about the works here. Turhan'a Konya Governor Cüneyit Orhan Earth, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Culture and Tourism Director Abdüssettar Yarar and AK Party Provincial Chairman Hasan Angı was accompanied.

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who visited the Secure Internet Truck of Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) in Mevlana Square after the museum visit, put on virtual reality glasses and took photos with children.

Turhan, then the central Meram district Kazım Karabekir Street trades and citizens met.

With a young man who said he was studying for the KPSS exam in the cafe and was seen to smoke sohbet Minister Turhan, "If you quit smoking, you can earn KPSS." said.

Visiting the shopkeepers in a shopping center, Turhan listened to his demands.



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