Don't Pass the Parking Area

The 8-storey car park built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Hatay will be put into service in September. With its seating areas on the roof, pool and viewing terrace, it will combine two streets with a 429-meter code difference, just like the historical elevator, thanks to its elevators, which will be a pleasant resting place for those living in the region.

Following the important investments and projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu's stop was Hatay this time. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor, who examined the construction works of the 8-storey car park, which will meet an important need in the region, said that they will make this second car park of Hatay ready in September after the Hatay Marketplace Storey Car Park.

The construction of 15 car park in Uşakizade Muammer Bey Street on the 429 thousand square meter area has been completed. The ceiling height is 4 meters in the parking lot; the construction of the terrace of the seating terrace, the installation of the mechanical works of the airplane and the shadow elements and the construction of the exterior stairs are continuing.

Like the historic elevator.
Production cost 10.3 million TL. The new car park's top section is based on the road level of 141 Street. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which prepares a pleasant surprise for the citizens, will offer a view of the sea for the use of the people on the roof of the parking lot, with a terrace, seating areas and ornamental pool. The car park, which the public can use, will also provide easy access between 22 (Bahattin Tatış) Street and 143 Street, which is the 141 meter code difference between them.



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