Protocol between BURULAŞ and Private Public Buses

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who signed the protocol between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company BURULAŞ and private public buses, which includes a transportation system based on the price of pay per passenger, said that the financial burden of free passengers, which exceeded 15%, will be covered by the public. said they will increase civilian control.

With the aim of increasing public transport efficiency in the city, the protocol between BURULAŞ and the 300 private public bus operating in the western part of the city came into effect with the signatures. The ceremony was held at the BURULAŞ headquarters and many private public bus operators and municipal bureaucrats attended the ceremony.

“We need self-confidence”

Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş wished the agreement would be beneficial for Bursa and the industry. President Alinur Aktaş, who said that they have resolutely taken on all the problems of the city since their appointment, reminded that the most transportation is spoken in Bursa. Stating that they have negotiations with all stakeholders regarding transportation and service transportation, they show good intentions and sincere approaches, and stated that they take into consideration the interests of the city and the institution. Mayor Aktaş said, “I believe that the agreement we made will ease the transportation of Bursa in the coming days and will be the beginning of new reforms. Bursa needs self-confidence in transportation. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in this regard in the past. We aim to be more beneficial to Bursa with a population of 3 million. The main thing is the satisfaction of the citizen, it goes from one place to another in a healthy way. Citizens; it is necessary to ensure that they receive the best quality service at the most affordable price. If everyone respects his work and the parties, we will set the ground for more beautiful works. ”

Civilian oversight will be intensified

Expressing that all parties, especially the Metropolitan Municipality units, parliamentary committee members and BURULAŞ are concerned with transportation, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that Bursa has the power to overcome all the problems. Saying “We did not raise public transportation this year”, President Aktaş reminded that they had discounts ranging from 9 to 17 percent in the rail system, they did not raise in buses, and new discounts would come. Noting that they aim to meet the financial burden of free passengers created by tradesmen over 15 percent with the protocol, President Aktaş said, “In this way, we want to eliminate the ill-treatment faced by our disabled and elderly citizens. There is a right provided by the state. There is a quota set by the Ministry on financing this. However, this is not considered sufficient. We are also introducing a new system. We will run civilian control much more intensely. Don't be perceived as a threat or blackmail. If we show this good intention and sincerity, the drivers should also do their job in the best way. Within the scope of the agreement, the fee tariff for 300 private public buses operating in the western part of the city will be '2.10 TL per board', without being affected by discounted or free card type and transfer boarding passes ”.

“Let our citizen trust public transport”

Mayor Aktaş, who said that private buses will not be affected by the citizens' discounted, indirect or free boarding, said that this model will also be expanded for other tradesmen carrying free passengers and using Burseboard. As a result of the study, Mayor Aktaş, who stated that he had expectations from the chambers and tradesmen as the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “Deficiencies in their fleets should be completed and old model vehicles that are not suitable for public transportation should be renewed. At the same time, our smiling and sweet language chauffeurs should show our citizens what they deserve. We will strengthen our system with the drivers we will issue a 'public transport driver' certificate in a short time. In this way, we will prevent those who are not trained from getting behind the wheel. Let our citizens trust and believe in public transport. In order to break this trust, we should avoid explanations and discourses. I want everyone to take the public transport move. I wish the new process to be good for our scholarship. ”

BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar announced that the agreement was made between BURULAŞ, BURUTAŞ, professional chamber and tradesman 4.

BESOB President Arif Tak, said the signatures were promising for the future, thanked the contributors.

Sadi Eren, Chairman of Bursa Private Public Buses Board of Directors, thanked President Alinur Aktaş, who stated that they aimed to increase the quality of service and provide safer and more comfortable service in transportation.

After the speeches, the signature book was brought by BURULAŞ's only female bus driver. The parties signed the protocol accompanied by applause.

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