They flew for the first time at Gaziantep Airport with the plane they cleaned

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin had the pleasure of traveling by plane for the first time to 12 female employees who have cleaned dozens of planes every day at Gaziantep Airport and have never been on a plane trip before.

12 women, including cleaning workers and drivers in Gaziantep Airport, realized aralarında Air Travel in with President Şahin. The cleaning of the airplanes before the flight of thousands of passengers to fly comfortably trying to face the faces of the women employees laughed with the special initiatives of the President, the dreams of women on the plane journey, went to Istanbul daily.

The Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, who learned that women do not travel with the plane they clean every day, provided all the expenses of the employees to go to Istanbul by plane.

The women who came to the airport in the morning on Wednesday got on the Istanbul plane, which was reserved for them from the apron they entered for the first time in civilian clothes. The women who took the tour bus that met them at Atatürk Airport visited the historical places of Istanbul. Women wandering around Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia ate meatballs in Sultanahmet and had tea against the sea view in Eminönü.


Firdevs Yılmaz, one of the women, stated that she had been traveling by plane for the first time and that she had been doing plane cleaning for 3 years. Yılmaz said, “We are cleaning on 10-15 planes a day. We have never flew so far. We never had the opportunity to travel with the aircraft we clean. We are very happy. ”

Leyla Demiraslan said, “While we were working at the airport, when we saw our Mayor Fatma Şahin, we said that we had never been flying before. Now we are traveling here in Istanbul with our friends. We are happy. ”

Explaining that she has been cleaning the plane at the airport for 3 years, Emine Yıldırım said: “When I went to the plane to clean, I thought I was getting on the bus. I was wondering how the planes remained in the air. It was just us to fly. Thank you very much to everyone. ”

Women who came to Gaziantep by plane again after the Istanbul trip paid a thank you visit to Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin. Hawk with women sohbet and listened to their first flight experiences.


Stating that they discriminate against women positively, Şahin said: “Our women make great efforts in difficult conditions. They work with great effort. I'm with them every time sohbet Some of our sisters came and said, "President, we are working around this, but we have never flown, we expect support from you. When this request came about 3 months ago, we expected the weather to get a little warmer. We turned this into a cultural tour. They had a justified demand. Because it was their right to see what was happening in this plane, where they worked, worked hard and supported the passengers. We saw that this was an important demand, and we paid attention to their wishes and wishes. We worked for them with our friends. They got on the plane for the first time. They went to Istanbul for the first time, visited historical places on a daily tour and returned. They are very happy, we are very happy with their happiness. "

The women working at the airport thanked Şahin and took a photo in memory of the day.



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